Monday, August 29, 2011

Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere...

 I think this will be my official "GOOD NIGHT IRENE" quilt...  
I started making these random blocks after we prepared for it's arrival... 
I need a better picture tomorrow in the daylight. It is mostly all 
Jennifer Paganelli's new line of WEST INDIES Fabrics, with a few extras thrown in... 
Aren't they scrumptious??  Miss J knows how to make gorgeous fabrics.
The DARK is actually chocolate brown... see, I need a better pic... Loving them...
 We took a drive to the beach yesterday... Check out those waves... 
We were still having 30 mph winds... But to day it was beautiful, sunny and fabulous... 
Power was out, phones, and cable, but we are all back in the running now...
Off to do a bit more sewing... I was looking over all the pics I took of the ocean... 
Wrenching as it was, it was so beautiful and mean all at once...

 Getting calm at the end of a long day... Happy sewing.


  1. We worked cleaning up our yard and house all day and it doesn't look like we did a thing. I am ready to sew! We had so much damage in NC but most of it was tree related.

  2. I'm so glad you are OK. We were thinking of you. Like the irene blocks. :):) Sandie

  3. Those angry ocean photos are amazing!
    Miss J's new line makes some striking blocks.

  4. Now I have the clean up song in my head :0).
    Glad you guys did well.....upstate is drying out too.

    Happy Sewing

  5. Amazing photos, Victoria. So glad you all weathered the storm safely! And I love the Good Night Irene quilt.

  6. Glad you came through unscathed! You don't waste any little bit of time, do you? Always stitching... :)

  7. Lovely blocks and awesome photos. Glad you made it safely thru the storm!

  8. Photos are fabulous! Thanks for sharing. I love the clean up after a hurricane. There is an energy in the air, and a feeling of survival having made it through with your house and family intact.


  9. Love the pics, glad you guys are all safe and well. Great quilt I adore those JP bird prints esp. word verification today is phorky. Just made me laugh and thought you'd like to know!!! xo

  10. Brilliant colors! Now you have a Hurricane Irene memory quilt. Mother Nature is scary and beautiful. Glad you're safe.

  11. Glad everyone is ok. I want to live in the Hamptons :( It is so beautiful.

  12. Love the Irene blocks. It's great that shop owners can have a bit of humor while boarding up their source of income, that's spirit!

  13. Let me chime in saying glad you are all okay. The trees are the scariest part for me. After a terrible storm we had last summer I've started looking at them as menaces.


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