Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ah, Summer!

It's zipping by way to fast. Taking this shot reminds me of hanging the laundry out to 
dry catching the breeze... 

one can get a little sentimental about things like this...

These are the new Lotta Jansdotter fabrics from Windham. Great prints, great colors, 
and very true to Lotta's work. I've been a fan of hers for some time and was happy to 
have our Modern8create group play with her new line coming out. 
She has a few books out, if you are not familiar with her and her work.

Speaking of summer. Don't you love moments like this? Boo found this teeny tiny frog in out pool yesterday... it provided a huge about of excitement... It's the little things that matter!
We went to the local carnival the other night.. the colors were inspiring! 
(So glad we got the carnival stuff out of the way for summer,
they can really suck your pockets dry!)

The sky loomed a summer rain shower, so lucky for us, we got it all done in an hour and a half. ;-)

The smiles are priceless....

I love summer.
Carnivals, fresh food from the garden, laundry drying in the breeze...

What reminds you most of summer as a child?


  1. The smell of the swimming pool chlorine in our hair; the shrieks as we ran home last day of school with three months stretching out like years in front of us.

  2. Love those giant blocks! Summer memories are at Grandma's house as a child...fresh baked cookies, homemade lemonade, roller skating...

  3. I remember the summers I spent with my grandmother, and if I recall correctly it was the first Presbyterian church on meeting house lane that held a fair every year. My favorite was the wishing well that we got to use a fishing pole to pull out a prize.


  4. Beauty of a quilt top!!

    That slide is inspiration for sure and my son would help your daughter find some frogs and dragonflies!

    Your hydrangeas look very pretty!!

  5. Looks like fun!
    I have great memories of playing in streams with my four brothers, throwing mud at each other than swimming in the creek....we spent hours at it all summer long!

    Happy Sewing

  6. Drive-ins.....,movies, A & W, and Dairy Queen.

  7. Your lap quilt really captures the whole clothesline experience. I can almost smell that fresh scent!

  8. The yellow is such a blast of sunshine! Very pretty :-)
    Summer time makes me think of endless days spent out on my bike and swimming the river :-)

  9. Oh I agree with Helen! Drive-ins and A & W! I would also add the smell of a lake house when you first walk in . . . and bug spray.

    Love the quilt top.

  10. The Fair! I was in 4-H so going to the Pacific National Exh. (PNE) in Vancouver was the highlight of my teen summers. As the youngest, I didn't get the family vaca's as the older teenagers were too cool for family trips and no way my dad was leaving them at home alone. He was/still is a very smart man, :-)

  11. Playing at the lake with my brother and sisters in the canoe. Great memories there. Gotta love summer. Love your carnival pics. Looks like everyone had fun.

  12. First off... Wow! Didn't you just get that charm pack when I was there. That Juki just sews at the speed of light... LOL!! You got some great pics of the sights and sounds of summer. What I love about summer the most is a fresh from the garden tomato salad and sweet corn on the cob. Nothing better except being able to eat it out on the deck.

  13. Your sunflowers remind me of Van Gogh's. Love them!
    My summer's as a child were always spent with my grandparents in the country. It was a great little coastal town away from the big cities where the livin' was easy and life was very, very good.

  14. Running through the sprinkler ... oh sooo cold!

  15. Roller skating, tag football with the neighborhood kids, swimming until late at night, sleeping outdoors, chocolate dipped frozen bananas, the Antelope Valley Fair and Alfalfa Festival.

  16. Corn on the cob for dinner, fresh from a farm...being hot! (no a/c then, nobody had it)...playing outside (hide and seek)until the 10:00 siren told us kids to go home...and of course mosquitoes!

  17. Love all the gaudy colors of the carnival... Am insanely jealous that you got your talented hands on that fabric! That yellow top is gorgeous...

  18. The BEACH!!! We had a big old house and all the moms and cousins spent the whole summer there and our dads came down on the weekends. Big pots of clam chowder always simmering on the stove, cut throat games of gin rummy for pennies and vast expanses of ocean. In fact, I'm leaving TOMORROW for at least a week fix of OCEAN and clamming...beautiful quilt!

  19. Oh I love the little frog-- precious! We did the carnival thing this weekend, too-- but I left my camera at home (purposely). The quilt is gorgeous, too! Thanks for sharing your summertime moments-- it is flying by so quickly!

  20. Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon county. Have a great weekend folks. Richard from Amish Stories.


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