Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More chances to win tickets!

Want another shot at winning some ticket to the Quilters Take Manhattan 
Saturday day event?
Hop over HERE for your chance!

Jay wil be having a few pieces of his line Modeled that day as well!
I get to model something... I wonder what it will be!  Squeal! What fun!

 hmmmm... I look good in gray! looks good with my gray hair... LOL!
 Love this... I wish I had this for Saturday.. We have a fancy party thing-y to 
go to at Russell Simmons House... The colors for the party attire are sunkissed red and saffron... 
Think this would work for saffron?  This outfit is so me!

This would totally work for the party... ;-)  minus the hair... 
I'm lacking in the hair department lately.

Ah, a girl can dream right?


His stuff is so fun!  Your Rock, Jay!


  1. Girlfriend... you didn't tell me that you would be modeling that night!! I will definitely be taking many, many photos!! You will totally rock whatever you wear! But don't stand next to me, I will look totally frumpy.

  2. congratulations V....you'll be a divine model. I'm so envious of your invite to Russell Simmons party...I have a major crush on him...lol.

  3. Wow! I just know you will be beautiful modeling anything they come up with! COngrats on the wedding anniversary as well!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  4. Now, of course, we want to see what in fact you DID wear...??

  5. I didn't think I could get more excited about that weekend but I am. I can't wait to see you model, what fun for you. And maybe Jay will see your post and loan you something. See ya soon.

  6. Yup. The last outfit, but WITH the hair! You'll look great, no matter what.

  7. Thank you for posting the link for the ticket giveaway. And thanks for sharing Jay's stuff-- it is gorgeous!! Lucky you that you will get to model one of his designs!! Please post a photo when you do!


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