Thursday, July 28, 2011

getting caught up

Usually when I get my monthly quilt bee assignments, I jump on them, and not let them go to the last minute. I hate being late on anything. but for some reason summer has me in slow mo. 
But not slow enough to be late!  no no no! I won't be late. I got these off in time. Sometimes I just need  a kick in the butt to get me moving... This block was for Doris, you can see more over at the Blog

These hearts were reminiscent of a heart quilt I put together for a blog friend. 
Always happy to make more Love-y hearts!
 And these fun blocks have been accumulating for a project we've been doing at my site.  People volunteer to do tutorials for blocks using
made fabric.It's been great fun to see how different every one's look.  
I have two more to make to be caught up. Slowly but surely!
(One of them is my own! Lot's of luck!  
The one I made was out of a different background fabric!)

Has summer got you moving in slow motion?

What "catch up" projects are you working on?


  1. Wow....these blocks are fabulous! Love 'em! And YES, I've been in slow-mo since June! I keep blaming it on the weather, but really....I just need to jump out of bed and start doing morning have been way too putzy! lol

  2. Completely agree with not being late with bee blocks. Am in three bees and am even hand piecing them this month as guests staying means can't slope off to sewing machine and July is almost gone!

  3. I am loving making fabric - I am doing a spider web quilt as in the Material Obsession 2 book that has made fabric is the background of the lovely webs. Love, love, love it.

  4. slow motion is the right word ...No A/C = very slow!
    but these last few cool days have got me sewing like crazy........I'll get this winding ways done if it stays cool :0).
    Looks like you've been very productive V! Nice blocks :0).

    Happy sewing

  5. Love that first block -- it's like the vase/two profiles optical illusion. As for catching up, I seem to be just treading water.

  6. Love ya blocks V! Always seem to be working on catch up, tho it's nice to stitch in winter here now! xo

  7. I love your blocks you made and having such a great time seeing all the blocks the ladies over @ 15minutes play are coming up with. So much inspriation!

  8. Yes, it seems I have had a spell of being lethargic these last couple of months. Just soooo darn hot here in Texas and certainly helps in making the ole body move much slower!

    All the blocks look great and are so inspirational!

    I have been working away on my hand applique quilt. Just finishing up block 9 of twelve today!! You can see it on my "Learning Something New" post I posted a couple of days ago!!

  9. I'm definitely in slow mo these days. Every day I say I'm going to do my July Bee Block, and here we are with just 1 mailing day left in the month and the block is not done. TONIGHT, without fail, I promise! Those blocks with the made fabric and the solid are wonderful, particularly the Shoo Fly block. So simple, yet one of my favorite blocks of all time.


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