Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weekend! NYC~ MN!

 Father's Day is fast approaching, and since I did not finish this quilt 
for hubby's birthday, Guess what he gets for the Father's day!
It was time for him to have a new quilt.... ;-)
 More thank you's for signature blocks!  Thank you Carol,  Susan and Maureen!
I'm getting antsy to work on that quilt... But I am saving that for a summer project...
I'm tossing ideas around on how to FUNK up a traditional style quilt...
FUNKY!  not the other F word... LOL!

 Making some MINI squares...from scraps... they are so cute... What will they become...
I was working on ironing some very LONG pieces of fabric and I draped it 
over the end of my board, where my tiny clover iron was.... I hadn't used it in two days... 
but guess what?
It was left on! I had no idea... the Screw on the top of it, burned right through my fabric...
I was clueless... What is that smell? something is burning!  OOPS.
Note to self.... Slow down and think.
Look! It's a rainbow! NO!! 
It's a package of Marcia Derse Fat quarters in
a rainbow of color! Heaven!

Gotta go play!  I see Blogger is being a pain in the patootie again
today not accepting comments...
Don't they know that sends computer junkies into spasms when people 
are communicating? Sheesh!

Hey! Have a great memorial weekend... I'm off to disconnect at my cabin....
no phone, no  tv,  no sewing machine. 
(but don't think I don't have a large applique project to bring along!)

Have FUN!
Will you be sewing or relaxing?


  1. I'm leaving this mainly to check out blogger-I think it's working again!
    Have a great time in MN!!!

  2. The hubs will love it, I know... wink, wink!! You have a great time in MN. Rest, Relax, and Recharge!

  3. Have great weekend V. Aren't you glad that wasn't a quilt top! Comments may be working now, but my gmail isn't.

  4. How fun! Have a wonderful weekend relaxing... I will be running around like a crazy lady between birthday parties, classes, and performances, and trying to squeeze some sewing in!

  5. LOL. My mother burned a hole in my costume as she was ironing it for me for Gym Night Program in high school. It was very very noticable. We danced to Love is Blue - that tells you how long ago that was.

    And when they turned out the lights and cast the black lights on us, all you could see were bras and panties dancing around the gym!

    The burned hole was much less embarassing at that point.

    glen: ah.. memories

  6. Your Marsha Derse fabrics are delicious. Can't wait to see all your signature blocks together. Hugs.

  7. Have a great time. We'll be home opening our pool, watching tennis, and working on a new quilt.

    Happy sewing

  8. sorry for the burned hole! have fun in MN - for us this weekend a combination of yard work, quilting and family visit.

  9. I recently discovered I had left my big iron on -- for days! Scared me to death. Now I'm constantly checking it even when I know I haven't used it.

    Like your new fat quarters. Too cool!

    Don't give up on me. If it's not too late, I'm making my signature block this weekend. And regarding your question about the weekend, sewing *IS* relaxing! Hope you have fun!

  10. Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!
    Hubby is going to love that quilt!
    I love the rainbow of colors and can't wait to see what you do with it!

  11. Gorgeous fabrics!

    Have a great weekend.

  12. You were lucky that the burning didn't go unnoticed.

  13. The Marcia Derse FQs are gorgeous! I am anxious to see what you will make with them. My weekend will consist of projects around the house, planting more flowers, visiting the cemetery and hopefully some quality QUILTING TIME! Enjoy your time at the cabin

  14. Oh, to be in MN on Memorial Day! I have so many sweet memories....parades, picnics, and picking berries. Instead, I will be relaxing with my Tile quilt applique and singing "Happy Birthday to Boo!"

  15. Oh, oops! When we go on holiday we take the iron away from the ironing board and put it in another room so it can have a holiday too. I once had to leave a New Year party to drive half an hour home and half an hour back to check if the iron had been left on. Of course it hadn't.
    Your Marcia Derse fabrics are stunning.
    Have a good hol.

  16. You need an iron with auto turn off. I love mine.
    I'm going to do some relaxing type sewing this weekend. Have fun in MN! We loved it there. Lived 2 years in Minnetonka.

  17. oh those Marcia Derse fabrics are sumptuous!! I'm so paranoid about leaving my iron on.. I've got one now that beeps if I don't use it but I've become immune to the beeps, bit of a worry.. Hubby's quilt looks wonderful!!

  18. You aren't the only one who needs to slow down and think (not to mention breathe deeply)!

    weekend? housework, errands, gatherings, massage, stitching, not so much computer time.

  19. Have a fabulous time at the cabin!!! I have FOUR DAYS OFF in a row (YAHOO!) so I am working in the yard and going to Folk Life to listen to some great music and people watch! I think I'll even leave my phone at home!

  20. Have a great weekend. I love your Union Jack quilt and had considered asking for red or blue scrappy fabric for my bee month to make a king sized single flag, but chose the mouse instead...maybe that's one for you!!

  21. Hi Victoria - my signature block just went in the mail... I meant to write a nice note to say how much I enjoy your blog and all your quilty adventures - but DH was in a hurry to go to the post office, so off the block went ... so please consider this the nice note!!!!

    Can't wait to see the signature quilt come all together.

    Kate the Quilting Professor

  22. Ahhh. My favorite I really need to start paying attention to the designers names...I have used almost every thing from all of her collections. What a because of you I also discovered her website...ugh....itching to order...smiles


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