Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NYC: applique quilts, cookies, and crazy blocks!

 Ready to quilt!
I finally sat down and appliqued my flowers down on the Mary Quilt started
back in January at Jackie's...old post here.
Now to decide how to quilt it... I think a lot of doodling will happen...
I did machine applique down the Mary itself, the rest was hand needle turned...
I like the smooth edges...

 Shelly's necktie social blocks are sent off! what fun these were... 
I had to dig up some other trims to add on, I thought they looked even better
with more STUFF on them!

Boo's birthday is this weekend, and for her school snack,
she asked for her favorite Rhubarb cookies...
She has turned her classmates onto Rhubarb... She makes me cut extra stalks so 
she can take it to school and hand it out to her friends for snacks. How funny is that? 
Seems NYC kids haven't found Rhubarb.... We all will take anything rhubarb over 
chocolate in this house!
We're off to the cabin in Minnesota, Friday. 
A quick break, fresh air, friends,
and some good food on the grill!

Off to cut up some more uniforms....  Have a super sewing day!

Are you baking anything yummy today? 
Please share!


  1. I love your Mary Quilt. I just bought some Guatemalan Flora fabric yesterday that has these same bright colors. My grandparents used to grown rhubarb but I've never heard of rhubarb cookies. Interesting, very interesting.

  2. Your Mary Quilt is freaking fantastic!!

  3. Mary quilt is looking great!

    No baking at my house . . . I would eat it all!

  4. Mary is looking especially beautiful in all her appliqued glory. Have fun at the cabin!

  5. Mary is turning out fabulous! Can't wait to see what you do with the quilting.
    Nope, don't bake any more. After the kids moved out, I just didn't want all that around. If we have cookies at all they are the bad for you purchased ones. And I haven't seen rhubarb here at the grocery store either. It doesn't grow in CA - our weather is cold and wet in winter, and the summer is completely dry - no rain between April and Oct.... usually. The past few springs have been very wet though.

  6. Made a great rhubarb desert tonight...Take one roll ready made puff pastry, open out, and spread with 8oz marzipan (do you call it almond paste?) which you have softened for a few seconds in the microwave and mashed (with a fork) into a few spoons of thick cream...just enough to make a lovely gooey spread. Top this with some rhubarb which has been lightly cooked with soft brown sugar. Seal the parcel up and bake as directed on the pastry pack. These are all the instructions I had, and it worked...yum! With custard!!

  7. Strawberry rhubarb pie is my favorite..hard to find but since it should be in season now I will have to look for some. Yummy!

  8. your 'mary' is AMAZING!!!!! LOVE! My Na-Na had rhubarb.. but she didn't cook or bake!

  9. We love rhubarb in cobblers and pies, but I've never tried them in cookies. We will be baking these soon! Thanks for the recipe, and have a fun trip to Minnesota.

  10. I make rhubarb muffins which are really yummy and not too sweet.

  11. beautiful! and those cookies looks so delicious!

  12. I absolutely love the Mary quilt. It really speaks to me. And those tie blocks are absolutely fabulous!! The rickrack really makes them :) I'm not even gonna start on the cookies....

  13. Yay!! She looks fabulous!! You and Boo are going to have a great time on her B-day and at the cabin!!

  14. The Mary quilt is so beautiful Victoria! Oh my!!! Mum used to make stewed rhubarb and serve it with custard. Yum!

  15. Have a wonderful Minnesota break! Sounds great!

  16. I love Rhubarb pie and jelly. I think it is too funny that the kids at school want the Rhubarb for a snack.
    Your quilt is gorgeous. Can't wait to see how you quilt it.
    Enjoy your Minnesota weekend!

  17. Rhubarb is so underrated -- I love it, especially rhubarb pie. The cookies look delicious. Your Crazy Blocks look great. I'm a firm believer in more more more embellishment! Have a great weekend at the lake!


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