Wednesday, May 11, 2011

All packed, still drippy!

I'm all packed for SLC tomorrow morning! If only I felt better!  
My allergies have turned into a nasty sinus thing...  drippy coughing, ears plugged.. lovely! 
Can't wait to sit in a plane and have my ears pop! (Ouch!)

I'm taking some hand work along with me...I figure it's a good time to learn some new tricks!
I dug out my crazy quilting book to guide me... Gotta get these done for Shelly's neck tie social!

I played a little yesterday with some solids and some paper piecing I drew up... 
Now,If I could only decide which way I like them best...

 Rcvd a few more signature blocks! thanks Helen in NZ and Carolyn!  
She sent a few blocks for me to pick from.... I love this one! Great vibrant prints!
Remember they don't have to be repro's! I'd actually prefer funkier!  
I have two SOLIDS
blocks and they look pretty fantastic too! 
Anything goes, you know I like a challenge!
 For Mother's Day I rcvd a NEW necklace with my daughter's picture on it....
Do you know this site?
I have an earlier image pendant, but my daughter thought I needed an updated picture... 
So this is my new pendant... It has a disk that flips over it as well, 
with her Initial "B" carved in it...
The images are sealed over, and stay perfect.... 
My first one still looks brand new and it's about 5 years old...  So so pretty.... I just love it...

Hope to see a few of you in SLC!


  1. I love your mother's day pendant! What a nice gift. Its been a bad year for allergies all around-- but at least you'll be flying away from the source. I've been looking for hand work projects to do as well, so I'm not limited to my sewing room and can be with my kids (or waiting in the car for the bus, etc). Your crazy quilts look great and the blocks for Shelly's neck-tie social. Have a great trip!

  2. Love the Mother's Day gift!! That is just the best! Thanks for the link. I know you will have a great time. Hope you are feeling better. I will miss being your roomie.

  3. What a wonderful gift from your daughter.
    I hope you have a wonderful time and take lots of photos. Hopefully you can get some rest and feel better.


  4. Have a lovely time in SLC. I hope your miserable drippy nasty stuff goes away!

    Love the necklace. What a nice, thoughtful gift from your sweet daughter.

    Still working on that signature block (well, thinking on it - my machine is covered in dust). You don't have a deadline do you?

  5. lovely gift,just in time for your trip. you will have her close to your heart. i'm worried about your ears. ouch! take care. :>)

  6. Stay safe and hope your sinuses clear up soon---and Have FUN!!

  7. Love the pendant (and your ruffled shirt, BTW). My sig block is done and will be in the mail in a day or two, when I next get to the PO. Have a great time in SLC!

  8. What a treasure! What a sweet daughter! Wishing you a bit of relief out west. The pollen should be washed away by the time you get back.

  9. Have a great time. The pendant is truly beautiful. As usual, lots of inspiration on your blog :)

  10. hope your feeling better oh how I wish i was going to see you in SLC have fun and take lots of pictures of all the booths I would like
    had to laugh that block actually was made with reproduction fabrics :)
    surprised! LOVE that necklace how sweet is that.
    have a wonderful time

  11. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling 100%, I hope your ears don't hurt on the plane! Gorgeous blocks and I love your necklace, very beautiful! xo

  12. When you are sitting in your seat in the plane, spray your nose with either a saline spray or a spray like Afrin. You don't want the pressure to push the bacteria into your inner ear. Take it from me.

    This is what my allergy doc told me to do ever since and not a problem.

    I would ALWAYS be sick on vacation because of that. Now, I am not!


  13. Your Mother's Day gift is beautiful. It was so nice to get to meet you tonight. Areal treat!
    The quilting in your Christmas quilt is amazing. The red and green are so stiking.


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