Sunday, April 17, 2011

April Showers brings NYC flowers...and quilts

 OK, so I did 8 brown hexagons... not a heck of a lot is it?
But when you put in a flower, it does seem to grow quite quickly!
 I have 4 signature blocks so far... Aren't they LOVELY!!! I'm so excited... 
These things get me all sentimental... Thank you Helen, Cathy B, and Beatrice!
I've made three now, and I keep remaking them...LOL!.. I don't know why...

 Spent a bit of time in the garden today.... so did Jenny Egg! 
Guess who got a bath shortly after... peeeee-u! did she stink...
It was a lovely day to also give the car a bath!
I sure did get wet with Boo at the hose...  ;-)

 Dafs were blooming... it was GORGEOUS out today! We had a crazy rain/thunderstorm last night... 
Gotta love those April showers that Bring MAY flowers!

We came back to the city, and saw this guy....Ten stories above the street!
(I'll keep my day job... thank you very much)
This beauty is coming home with me... 
Old, loved, worn and fabulous...  I love a good find!

I still  have two quilts to put sleeves on for next week's installation for the show... 
(nothing like leaving it to the last minute) 
I also need to get another KING size quilt with itty bitty pieces off my design wall... 
The bits keep falling off!  Two goals for the week...

What crafty goodies does this week hold for you?


  1. That guy makes my tummy flip! I will get my siggy block out to you this week. Istarted it last week but my heart was not in it.


  2. My daffodils are starting to bud up! But I am in Boston! Block will be done for you next week! I hate heights and wouldn't be able to do that job.

  3. Were you out looking for that log cabin beauty?
    Your flower photos remind me that maybe we'll have spring here eventually. Went to a quilt show in Mankato today - some fun stuff.

  4. Victoria,
    This week I hope to get some baby wraps made and the borders on my dad's quilt. I also need to cut some strips - lots of quilting to do if time allows - if not perhaps the long weekend will give me time to do it.
    Life sure gets busy- I love the tulips and like you, I would not like the window washers job.

  5. Ever since I made my first hexagons, I have become addicted to them. Love your sig blocks, I have to get one made for you.


  6. Jenny Egg is such a cutie!!! I love her scruffy little face.

  7. Everyone has such neat handwriting. I never do well signing my name on fabric. Do you have a tip...freezer paper underneath, which size pigma pen? I love flowers...the real life smelly good kind and the fabric kind. I don't think your flowers are brown, they're milk chocolate so very yummy.

  8. Scotland has masses of daffodils too, along the sides of roads. This week I hope to finish quilting the 12 x 12 mini quilt and make your signature block. I used to adore making hexes, got a bit addicted to them.

  9. On tap for this week...
    a siggy block for my friend V, winding yarn for a sweater, finishing the quilting and binding of a little red & white (an old WIP), painting a few things and hopefully a few new pillow covers!

    Wow! More crafty goodness than I realized!

    p.s. What alovely quilt find!

  10. My (your) block needs the center stitched and it will be on its way to you. That log cabin find is wonderful. Enjoy the whote process of your show, I'm so excited for you.

  11. Looks lovely! I am putting my signature block in the mail today! It's spring break this week, and I am hoping to keep quilting my giant quilt, and get started on my 12 x 12 swap. I feel like I should work in the garden, but as long as it is this cold, gray and wet, I am staying inside to sew!

  12. WOW! There is so much info in this post I don't know where to start! First I will say I love it all, but I especially love the old Log Cabin quilt. It is my favorite block in the whole world. Great find!

  13. House guests have gone home, so this week I get my sewing room back, yay! Targets are to: make some kind of progress on the "hot mess" on the design wall; face the UFO bins and update my next-ups list; start (possibly finish?)quilting a small wall-hanging that is all pinned and ready to go. And if I can rummage up some appropriate prints and a pen: make a sig block for V.

  14. Victoria! I just realized that I will be in NYC on business during your quilt show. Can you send me some time details so I can be sure to see it while I am there? I will be there May 4, 5, and 6. So excited about seeing your quilts in person!! Debbie

  15. Oooh what a fun post! Your hexagon flowers look great (as do the real ones - we still have snow here).

    I love the log cabin quilt you picked up. Did you get it at an auction?

    This week I'm working on a silly little Easter surprise for my daughter and, at some point, I will start quilting my two tops. I can't stand to have too many projects floating around. It messes with my OCD haha.

    Have a great week! :)

  16. Forgot to add: how about a signature block from Canada?

  17. Those are some mighty gorgeous tulips! Have fun with Shelly.

  18. Thursday night and I'm only just catching up! This week involved Guild group meeting Monday, Tuesday sewing day at LQS and cake (for my birthday), wednesday and today work and no play, tomorrow weather permitting a little gardening and lots of time in my studio :) lots of catching up to do! lol


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