Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Power of Creative Women

I was curious what would happen if I had many of my favorite quilters in one room.

I was in a creative spin as everyone set up and began making, designing and grabbing scraps... 
So much so, I had a hard time focusing on what I wanted to do.  

I had no clue what would inspire me when the moment came...

I kept hearing things like, "Picking fabrics I don't usually use, finding muddy prints, 
finding brights I don't usually have..."

Phrases like that bouncing around the room,
I had to listen inside myself to hear what I wanted to do...

I found some Bazooka bubble gum colored PINK, a color I hardly ever use.  
It was so sugary sweet, I thought, I had to give it a whirl...  
That is what started me on my mission....

Then we had show and tell, and I saw Karen's quilt with her million pieces in it... 
and thought, well, maybe I could do something more complicated.... 
That would be fun...

I kept being drawn to LeeAnn's BLACKS in her eyelash quilt, so I pulled a few of those...

Jackie brought me a bunch of fabrics I purchased, 
and well, you know how fun is it to cut into brand new fabric!  
So in went the blue fish scales...

And then Cheddar... Andrea had her rose quilt and her star blocks 
with that gorgeous color...
Who doesn't love Cheddar!  I had to throw in some of that for good measure....

Helen, had some bright strings, Bonnie was using up all sorts of colors, 
Kim was trying a little bit of everything...

Jessica had her square block with  BRIGHTS....

I think you can see in my quilt that EVERYONE OF THESE LADIES contributed
to my inspiration in this quilt project I started...  


I highly suggest you put together  a retreat of you own of people who inspire you, 
and embrace the power of friendship and female bonding... 

Be inclusive, learn from each other, support each other, grow from each other... 

I don't mean to leave the men quilters out. I am just as inspired by them as well,maybe even more.
But for the sake of busy women, who don't take time to connect, this is a post for them.

I'd love to do a MEN's quilt retreat too... 
I'd like to see how that creative energy works side by side...

(how many of you are out there?? I can name a good handful, comment please... ;-)

hmmm..something else to think about!

I have embraced the idea of letting nearly all my scraps go and cutting up my new stash to make NEW scraps...  I selected out of the final 6 bins of fabric, down to ONE BIN, 
If you want one of the 4 boxes I am giving away please go leave a 
comment over at the 15 minutes play site...not here..

 I am now finishing using my acu quilt, go cutter to cutup all that remains...
Time for SPRING, spring cleaning and a fresh start...

Thank you ladies for inspiring me.... 
Not just my retreat pals, but all of you...




  1. Love your work. I'd be a happy camper to get some of your scraps!

  2. You are such an inspiration, Victoria!

  3. I love the idea of this kind of retreat! green with envy! You gals looked to be having sooooo much fun! Your project came out so vibrant! I like the contrast of the chaos in the center against the order of the outer areas. Reminds me of a sci-fi movie or Omni Magazine (I miss Omni lots), lol.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree! I was thinking the same thing as I drove to work this morning, about the power of women, quilters in particular. Nothing like the energy that flows when we all get together, is there??? and fun! Once I had a group of quilters over, and my husband walked in, and said his car had just stalled out on the street near our house. Without a word those quilters all ran outside and pushed his car into our driveway! He was amazed! and Ill never forget, one of them remarked: don't mess with quilters!

  5. Hi, I love your work, your use of vibrant colours really inspires me to give quilting another go. Do you prewash all that beautiful fabric that you have?


  6. Thank you so much for sharing. I've enjoyed the post by you and the others on the retreat.

  7. I am in awe of the triangly business on the left, the descending big blue triangles, and the bitsy black triangles. I am looking carefully at it, going, "how can I do that? I want to do that!" And yes, the color combination is rich and fresh!

  8. Awesome post, V! And PINK- yes! I love seeing what you do with pink :-) That color combo is so vibrant... I am loving seeing everyone's work and photos from this retreat!

  9. Your retreat should be featured in Where Women Create...cover story!!!

  10. Retreats (or even joint sewing days) are great for building friendships as well as quilts! Love the new one...great colour combination, V!

  11. Yes! Hurray for creativity in groups. Your triangle hexagon thingies add up so beautifully when put all together like that. What innovation. This is going to be a truly stunning quilt!!

  12. Your retreat was so inspiring - it's time to do one here!! Love the quilts y'all got started (or nearly finished). Really enjoyed your posts about this event. Enjoy finishing up your projects!

  13. Victoria,
    Your triangles are doing a Tango! Love all that sparkle of colors in the quilt!

  14. Wonderful stuff, as usual. Love the combo of scrappy center and scrappy HSTs, the blues and yellows and pinks are wonderful.
    Your scraps can come play at my house any time!

  15. What a weekend! Love your work...

  16. What creativity in that loft this past weekend. Thanks for sharing V.Thanks for being the woman you are!!

  17. Oh I sure like this idea.......clean out all the old scraps and start fresh.....and it will certainly make a lot of room in my sewing room!

    I'm gonna really try and do this :0)

    Happy Sewing....see you continue to be an inspiration.....Hugs

  18. All that creative energy in one room must have been bliss and so much fun. I know you lot turn out some amazing creative pieces that I just love to see.

  19. Hi Victoria. Great posts before, during, and after the retreat! I've really enjoyed being a spectator, seeing the pictures through all the various blogs - exciting and fun work you women made. So, I have to respond to the call for a men's sewing retreat. I'd give it serious consideration if I knew about one. Being a beginning quilter-sewer, the thought intimidates me, but I also like diving in and playing in the process. I KNOW it would be a blast and we'd make some seriously cool work. But I haven't found a whole lotta guys out there blogging about sewing-quilting. Anyway, that's my 2¢. Happy sewing and blogging!


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