Monday, March 28, 2011


 So while I was away to Peru, my mother came to town and watched the GRAND DOGS for us. 

(doggies get quite spoiled in our family)
My Mother enjoys the break, and it gave her some time to sew!  
I taught her to paper piece a block,
something she had never done, and she ended up making a whole bunch of blocks!  

We decided this would be a collaboration quilt between mother and daughter!

Won't that be fun?  It will be great to play with these blocks...Nice Job MOM!

She quickly got interested in learning more about paper piecing...
she paged through many books on block designs, and took home a bunch of pineapple
block pages to play with... hehe!
(the obsession begins)

 We worked on another project that I am saving to show you at a later date...  ;-)
Can't spoil all the fun in one post...

Speaking of MOM's, my friend Helen, (helennoblog) got to meet my mother also, 
and the "JOKE" about that is, Helen is also from MN, like I am, and Helen has says
she adopted me and Karen as her daughters...(she has three sons, no daughters)

So I had my TWO mom's together at the EMPIRE SHOW... 
Why didn't I take a picture of that special moment??
rats.  Oh well. It was all very cool!  
My mother also got to then meet, 
my "SIS" Karen who was also at the show!  
A big old family get together! hahaha

Thanks mom! (S)

So much happening this week... 
Gotta go run meet a few more blog friends at the red and whites!


  1. What special "Mom" moments - enjoy! I wish I was one of the blog friends you were meeting at the red and whites...

  2. Welcome back. Your mom's blocks lookd great. How fun for you both to work on a quilt together.

  3. ooh, i love that project the two of you are working on together.

  4. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it. You're a NY Apple. :o) This is like kismet isn't it? Your mom's talented shines very brightly, like a shiny apple. Sorry...I'm dog sitting too and I'm a little loopy.

  5. You have gotten your mom addicted, lol.
    But it will be fun to be able to quilt together.


  6. This is such a sweet post! Love the blocks your mom made!

  7. Great pinwheel blocks, are they paper pieced? I love times with my daughter.

  8. Oh what treasured moments of Mother(s) and daughter!!I love it!
    Great pics of your family vac as awe-inspiring!Cannot wait to see what quilts you create from that inspiration.Love the red and white pics too.

  9. Two Moms - what could be better?! Especially if one (or both!) are good dog sitters...mine is too...he's the grandchild she hoped we would produce! Your collaborative quilt is going to be really splendid...obviously you are BOTH chips off your grandma's block!

  10. Your mother is the greatest. Look at her dive right in and create those colorfull blocks. MN will never be the same!

  11. Of course your mom picked up on your enthusiasm! How could anyone resist? Love the way those red pieces are making pinwheelish things.

  12. So she is "helen noblog no daughter"???? lol

  13. Kate, I now have two very sweet and talented daughters, thank you very much.


  14. Your mother's blocks are gorgeous!

  15. No doubt very precious moments together. Glad you were able to enjoy one another and sew away!

  16. Your mom did a fabulous job on those blocks!!! Lovely fabrics. Love the collaboration idea between mom and daughter. Enjoy all the red and white quilts, you lucky girl ;-)

  17. Ha! I love how those pineapples just sneak in when one isn't looking!


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