Monday, January 31, 2011


 Just a few things hanging on my design wall....

I'm currently obsessing over my solid blocks... 
although I have bounced around between 5 projects today...
I saw this OLD quilt here. click here.
I love her blog, she blogs about renovating her house...
And on that post I saw that quilt on the bed...

I  also found these napkins, and then,well,  I was totally obsessed with the colors...
Since we repainted our loft Benjamin Moore Raspberry, I have been trying to 
make the perfect quilt for my bedroom...
(You know, that KING SIZED problem I have...)

Well, I am convinced this will be the quilt that will live on my bed...
(my NEW bed!  I just ordered the same bed I have at our house.. it's the coziest bed ever..)
I may eat my words on that, but for now, I am so happy infusing the blocks with touches of purple, different shades of gray-black, pink-peach, and cream-whites.

never mind the fact that I should be quilting that final quilt...
(I did do 20 rows of stitching on it today... 
I gave myself permission to do 20 rows a day as it is so boring I can barley stand it)

I did put a sleeve on one of my giant quilts to hang... 
Made a few 15 minute blocks, and attempted to clean up my studio once again....
so I figured I deserved a half hour of sewing 
simple blocks together...

OK. So that's what I am doing today... what are you obsessing over?

By the way.
We are at 190 quilts for the BASICS HOUSING QUILT GATHER
TEN MORE and someone goes home with a sewing machine!
go to the site for more info. 
See all our FRIENDS who donated  On the FRIENDS PAGE.
Get QUILT info on the QUILT PAGE...(quilts go to BASICS not me!)

Keep'em coming!
Next Distribution day is early April! can't wait!


  1. love the napkins and the HSTs! What a great find !!

    I am loving the blocks from the workshop today --black/red/gray. Definitely my fav from the week!

    Back to my own devices now, I plan to work on finishing up what was begun and creating with what is left over!!!!!


  2. I love that you have a feeling that this is the king ONE. If not we are going to have to get you into a twelve step program.

  3. You must have the biggest design wall in the history of the earth!

  4. loving all those things on the design board! Love your colours too :-)

  5. I can see why you are loving this quilt!! Such inspiration, even in the napkins!

  6. The quilt on that bed is fabulous!! I too have been inspired by quilts that have 'snuck' into articles about someone's house.

  7. The new bed will be perfect....a nice soft headboard to lean on while you read the sunday paper, or a book, or .....
    The quilt will be stunning. If you don't have fabric for the back, please consider looking at IKEA, as they have several prints that have those colors and then you could have a reversible quilt. 2 for 1 works for me!

  8. Stitching can be tedious, but the end result will make it worthwhile!

  9. Those solid blocks are going to be part of a stunning quilt.
    (Just like the inspiration quilt - WOW)
    Andi x

  10. That old quilt is fabulous...and her home is amazing, though I prefer yours! Classy but more 'lived-in!
    I'm obsessing over how to put my wonky star quilt together (perhaps I should send the bits off to Brenda!), protesting over the proposed sell off of nationally owned forests to private enterprise (grrr!!) and spinning out the little work I have to fill my how stupid is that? Just get down to it and finish... Then quilt with a clear conscience!

  11. That HST solid quilt is stunning. Isn't is funny how solids can make such an impact!

    Today I am trying going to work on my Roll Roll Cotton Boll mystery for 30 minutes, then make binding for two quilts, and then work on costumes for a local drama group...all things I sort of have deadlines for....

  12. Love of color is what drew me to quilting years ago. Bold colors in old Amish quilts are still favorites. Hope your obsession will lead to a thoroughly modern version.

    My obsession of the day is making pentagon baby balls out of scraps....with no purpose other than self indulgence. I ought to have more self control, but I have given in to my passion yet again!

  13. i'm obsessing over your blog/quilts. bought more fabric yesterday:>)

  14. Nice site, I found you through Lazy Gal. I'm a quilter too, although not as prolific as you. I also am a graphic designer and I Love Cats. I followed your site, please have a look at mine... I'm from the Catskills so we are almost neighbors.

    Take care, Dia*

  15. Brilliant, just plain brilliant. You've made my day yet again. I am in LOVE with your napkin quilt-to-be. What fun to see all the contrasts happening on your design wall! WHEEEEEEE

  16. Ooh wee! That solids quilt looks fabulous. Always loved that selvege quilt too. Busy girl!

  17. How did I miss this one? Beautiful inspiration! I love your quilts in progress!


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