Sunday, December 26, 2010


Cold Outside, but oh, so warm inside....
I thought we were getting a dusting of snow...
We're getting a blizzard!
Guess I should listen to the news a bit more often!
I'll just stay inside and play... Go ahead and snow all you want. 
I ain't going anywhere!



  1. Me too!! I am binding today!! And of course surfing the net.

  2. Fuzzy slippers, hot tea, and sewing. The perfect day.

  3. I didn't even get dressed today. Sewed some more blocks for a quilt I started years ago. There's a new years resolution lurking. Out with the OLD or something like that.

  4. Enjoy every minute of it!
    I just love the snow
    its this wind I hate!!!
    woke me up! can't wait to see the progress on this quilt!
    looks great, love the colors so far!

  5. Holy Cow! I can't get the door open. There's a 2 foot snowbank in front of it. That was some storm wasn't it?
    Definitely time for sewing and soup making. Have fun V.

  6. We expected a blizzard and only got an inch! Darn. Have fun.

  7. Another special quilt on it's way! We have had masses of snow here in the UK too...had to walk the 2 miles into town to buy food for our 8 Christmas visitors, and carry home in my rucksack! They all walked in to share the feast, so my effort was not wasted! ...But I still love the snow!

  8. aiyeee. glad you've got your sewing machine and fabric to enjoy - just don't run out of thread.


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