Tuesday, November 16, 2010

is it a quilt?

 I was just talking to Shelly, on the phone, and she asked what I was working on...
I said, "I'm trying to finish my XMAS crosses, because I want to use it so badly this Christmas!  
But After I got the crosses all together, I barley had enough of the 
Chartreuse FAB LIME green fabric to do one round around the crosses!!! 
so It's not a KING SIZE!!! " 
She laughed, She said, "to you it's not a quilt unless it's KING SIZE..." 
I said, "EXACTLY! If it doesn't fit my bed, then it ain't a quilt. Period. End of story."

This could possibly bring me to tears...Well, not quite, but I DO LOVE two color quilts... And I desperately want to keep this quilt BIG and SIMPLE, 
and not add any other fabrics...that aren't already in it...
See?  It's not BIG ENOUGH!! 
But it does look good right?  
I had to splice in ONE green cross in the lower right hand corner 
just to stretch what I had to make it all around...  Hey, But Guess what?  
I found one fabric store who had 3 yards left of that fabric.  
SO although I can't cross this quilt off my list TODAY, shortly,
I will have three more yards to play with and stretch around this quilt! 
In the mean time I better order some more KONA Chartreuse, 
because three yards just isn't gonna cut it...


OH! And, see my wrinkly top.. My third iron, just does nothing but battle with me...
So while in HOUSTON, I made sure to check out, and purchase, this iron.

This brings on another happy dance... I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival...


QUILTING Gallery is making a Quilters cookbook. I've scrapped the idea of making my own this year... and submitted my recipe and quilt photo to Michele instead...
Go do the same...
I'll be buying that for Xmas gifts this year and saves me me the time!



  1. Victoria, it is just lovely & the colors are so pretty.

    Have a beautiful & blessed Thanksgiving holiday ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. Love these colors, they look striking together! How great is it that you were able to get your hands on the fabric to make it "quilt-sized" (LOL)!!

  3. Great colors!! So glad you found more of that green. Don't you hate to have to wait when you are really into finishing something?

  4. Oh, I do LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this quilt! And good for you for finding more of the yummy green. I drooled over that iron at Houston, too - so cool how it stands on its own little feet when you put it down - pretty darn cool. Let us know how you like it - I've love a review!

  5. LOVE it! Going to check out that iron link.

  6. Beautiful...and doesn't it feel good when you find just the fabric you're looking for?!

  7. Oh I think I just died and went to heaven! The quilt is just too fantasstic! To say i LOVE it would be an understatement! (Oj I think I;ve gushed enough LOL)

  8. Simple yet stunning crosses quilt. Loving the boldness and that lime is just luscious! You will LOVE that iron. I have one.

  9. I love a woman who squeals at the thought of a new iron ... for crafting not clothing ;)
    Your quilt top is wonderful.
    I'm of the opinion that if is has 3 layers and some pretty stitching, then it's probably a quilt.
    Do you hang any of your quilts on walls? Or drape them over the couch to snuggle under?
    If you stick to only your bed, you can only have 1 out at a time!!
    Anyway, that's just the opinion of a woman whose home is completely overtaken by quilts. Walls, beds, couches and more.
    Andi xx

  10. I love it! The colour combination is stunning!

    I totally get your excitement over a new iron. I need a better one too, but there's NO way I'm putting it on my Christmas list!

  11. Love that quilt especially the green. BTW, my sister has that iron and loves it. I'll be interested in your opinion of it.

  12. Know you want a BIG quilt but I would just love what you have as a wall hanging ... gorgeous lime w reds ...
    a beauty!

  13. Yummy! Love the simplicity of the quilt.
    I never made small quilts but now I am questioning that.
    I need to make smaller quilts so I can hang them on the walls and see them all the time.

  14. My Walls are covered with ART! No room to hang quilts... I like the usefulness of a quilt.... make to use, love and snuggle up in!

  15. Love it!! Very nice!! Love the colors!

  16. Wow, wow, wow!! I love it and can see why you would like it for Xmas. Too bad it isn't KING size. But it is still good to cuddle under. Got lots of kona chartreuse here... Thinking of you today. I owe you a call before I leave for my sister-in-law's this weekend.

  17. So happy the cross quilt is going to be king!! great colors.
    I want that iron too.

  18. Love the RED and green!!! :) And sounds like you are already in love with that iron....I would be too...my friend has one and I love using it!! :) Can't wait to see what you do to your red/green crosses quilt to make it fit! :)

  19. I can totally relate!!! LOL it's not a quilt for me until it is kingsize! I love your colours and I agree, it is calling out to be finished properly... :) GORGEOUS!!!
    and I did follow the iron trail... WOWSAH! :)
    Happy day, indeed! By the way I really enjoyed your walk downtown. Seeing the
    Empire State Building was magical...

  20. I love your colour combo and simple pattern! To me it's a quilt if it's quilted and bound no matter what size it is; so, yeah, this one would make it into my book even without the extra 3 yards of lime.-)

  21. I love the green cross in the border - need makes for creativity!

  22. Do you think you could add some crosses to the outside to stretch your fabrics?

    I love crosses and this is a wonderful one.

    I have hardly thought about Thanksgiving, much less Christmas.

    Glad you are adding to the Quilt Gallery cookbook. Much better for you sanity.


  23. That is going to be a fabulous Christmas quilt! How do you manage to create so many king size quilts- I am continually amazed! I think it would be great with a solid red border too... I am a bit partial to red!

  24. Oh,no....another quilt I simply must make! So many reds in my stash to use up, and this design is perfect. Now how much background do I need for queen-size?

  25. It looks great! How great that you were able to find more of the fabric you need!

  26. Oh I LOVE this quilt! Those colors are so perfect!

  27. It looks really good. I can't believe you got it done so fast . . . oh, wait, yes I can! I am laughing, tho, because you can't stand to not make it bigger!


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