Friday, October 1, 2010


SUNSHINE... where have you gone?  
It's been raining here all week. (with more to come)
These are my bits of sunshine today.

I made an attempt to get my studio in order, (which I still haven't done), 
and while doing so came across these stars, so (sidetracked as I get), 
stopped to put two more together...
They are all pretty wonky... but  you know I don't mind that... 
A perfect example of 15 minutes work... 

I cut them out half haphazardly, sewn them together the same way, 
added a bit here and a bit there to make them the same size....
then decided they should be a center medallion for something...

(she turns around, "Aha!")

Since I am trying to clean, I have piles of fabric, pulled open from various projects, 
so I grab a piece off the nearest pile,
And Cut some Triangles,

she says, "hmmm, what is that laying there?"

OH! my binding fabric from the Scrappy Happy Quilt...
 Gee, that looks funky with it...
One reader, commented that she wanted to hear more about my process in making quilts...
I thought today's work was a good example of how I work...

Probably enough to make anyone else crazy...
I take an idea and run with it.. It always keeps me craving for the next inspiration...
I count about 14 projects in the works just in this photo...

I jump around as inspiration hits, for example,
In the top right corner of the picture, stacked up, Are 4 quilts waiting to be quilted.

There's the Star Splitter on the table folded up... I took a break on that today... 
There's the MOD guild scrap BLUE quilt on the right that 
I'm ripping out the feathers I quilted on it...(on the left), 
(which is tomorrow!)

My 15 minute BEE Quilt blocks up on the wall, looking fabulous...
This blocks got me sidetracked today, 
they just are so darn fun to make, and look really good, that
I had to make three more...

A few other things peculating on the wall... 
Xmas projects, tutorials...

Empire Guild NYC landmark quilt... etc etc...

How is that?  
Does that answer at all,  how I work?
I tend not to write a whole lot, as I figure people just want
to see what you are working on...

Am I wrong about that?

If you know me, you know I'm on the quiet side, don't talk a whole lot...
I sit back and wait for people to approach me...
I think my blog sort of reflects that about myself.

I like it though, when my commenter's ask me questions...

I need a good prod...

Got any others?


  1. Victoria as you know I live near Philly in Jersey side and last night I thought our house would just disintegrate into little bits of plaster !! It has never come down so hard with so much consistency at one time, like a constant bucket of rain. We live in Moorestown in 1890s house so there is no insulation in the walls WOW !! Show your beautiful quilt sunshine to the clouds and shew them away !!LOL

  2. That's awesome Victoria, thanks for letting us in on your process. I'd say you're an intuitive quilter, putting things up on your design wall and playing until it feels/looks 'right.' I'm wondering if you ever get overwhelmed by all the selection of fabric, the possible combinations that could be made for one quilt or does that energize you, thinking of all the possibilities?

  3. Thanks for showing us where and how you work! I really like that you move from project to project as inspiration strikes.

  4. Sounds like we work in a similar fashion.I always have many projects going at once. Try as I have to change that pattern, I guess it's just the way it is always going to be... and when I need a fabric, I often just grab what's nearby, and if it works, so be it. People often comment about my perfect color combos,but it is mostly grabbing what's there and deciding it works!

  5. Thanks for sharing your methods...really inspiring...what I need to do is loosen up!! The new star quilt will bring sunshine to your studio - it's raining here in the UK too! And amazing how well the bee blocks are going together!

  6. Your work is so fresh and free, just like your process. Can hardly wait to see these stars in person at the meeting tomorrow. Praying for good weather.

  7. I love your stars and believe it or not the sun came out here about an hour ago for the first time since Saturday. We have almost been washed away, streets flooded, water standing every where. I love seeing your studio. I have 4 projects in the works and I thought that was too many.

  8. Phew - your creativity must just keep sparking like little satellites. Love how you bounce from one project to another - I'm sure that's what keeps your motivation and energy fresh. Thanks so much for sharing that with us..... and love having a peek in your space. My husband thinks a creative space should be super organised and can't understand how there needs to be a certain amount of creative chaos:) Ciao

  9. Wild thing!!! You make my head spin!
    I can see your creativity spilled all over..
    Love the star medallion and those Bee blocks around them.

  10. Oooh, I liked those stars, but when you put them inside the big blue star -- I LOVED them! Very fun to watch it all take shape. And how lucky you are to be in NYC. My work trips there have come to an end and I miss them terribly!

  11. Hey Friend, Those stars are FREAKIN AWESOME!!! I luv them!!! I enjoy your process too. Looks like you are having fun. Enjoy your guild meeting. Happy sewing!

    p.s. Funnily enough, I don't find you that quiet. We talk alot!! Oh wait that might be me.

  12. I guess I don't know you at all. Your blog reflects cheerful, outgoing and friendly. I never would have guessed that you're reticent - I'm like that too, quiet and tend to think people don't want to know so I don't say.

    So a question for you. Do you ever feel like other people disapprove of your free scrappy style? Do you care? I love it by the way and aspire to loosen up more.

  13. As one of your faithful readers, I always appreciate how willing you are to share how you approach things and how gracious you are to answer questions from those of us much newer at these things.

    I just clicked over onto your Empire Guild site and saw that Shirley Levine is a member of it. One of her dearest friends is one of my sketch group partners down here in Alabama. It's not that big a world after all!

  14. I love your approach to quiltmaking, sure wish I could do that. I'm way too organized, spend more time keeping my quilting area neat than working on something, lol!

    My you do your machine quilting on a longarm?

  15. No need to comment on the pieced blocks as they are fabulous. I have to say I make projects the same way. I just cannot follow a plan. I gave up trying. I just love when you go with the flow.

  16. The minute the first photo appear in Google Reader I fell in love. It's gorgeous.

    I'll send you the sun if you'll send the rain.

    Being liberated means not following a plan, does it not?

  17. Great stars, but that 15 minute Bee quilt is blowing my mind! I can't believe I've been so behind that I missed the bee on the 15 minute blog. What? I'm hitting my head with my hand. I enjoy seeing your process too and the serendipitous results that come from it! What I would like to ask is what fabric has been in your stash the longest?

  18. I've SEEN you in action, but I loved hearing about what you think about that. I get so distracted so easily, I flit around and in any one day, I can work on 10 or more projects. One thing leads to another so easily for me, and it makes things evolve -- I can totally relate. And getting the studio clean (at least at my place) is impossible. I fling stuff around too much! And when I start, something catches my attention and then I'm off on a different thing -- hahaha!

  19. Oh my! This star quilt is going to be a real winner (I can see the progress in the posts above - love it!). You are so inspiring Victoria!


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