Monday, October 11, 2010


Being that Boo was home from school today, we thought we'd go out and enjoy the GORGEOUS weather... (76 degrees!) We did some shopping near Rockefeller center, 
we liked the windows at Anthropologie... sewn together triangle papers... very clever...
Rounded out our day with a nice long walk,
out for lunch and ended up at a bead store...  I foresee Xmas gifts being made!
Did a little work on this Kaffe quilt.. 
It's so not me....(who made this?)??!!

And then, with a whole lot of noise,
down came HAIL, thunder and lightening!

So much for that beautiful day!


  1. I arrived in NYC with the hail. All of sudden there was all this noise on the roof of the train. And here I thought I would actually be in NYC without rain. Well, at least I've kept the streak alive. Waiting on the cab stand at Penn Station in the rain.

  2. Oh, and it's storming again. Just climbed into bed at the Marriott to watch a little TV while doing work (actually blog reading, but I should be doing work) and the nasty storm knocked out the cable. Oh well. At least the internet is still working. Nasty, nasty weather here, isn't it?

  3. Your quilt is beautiful! You are one speedy gal!

  4. Well - the quilt might not be the usual you but you have done a fab job on it. And the fabrics have a real sparkle to them:) Love what adding the black has done - given that depth. Ciao

  5. Beautiful window...but inspired quilt. Kaffe will want you working for him!

  6. great window will have to look at it when I come into the city
    whats the name of the big Japanese book store where they have all the quilt magazines and books?
    I hope to be coming in tomorrow for the quilt exhibit.
    waiting to hear from a friend. will keep you posted

  7. Gorgeous here too but the day didn't end like yours. :o) I love Anthropologie.

    Kaffe is looking spectacular.

  8. It was good while it lasted! Love the Kaffe quilt!

  9. Oh my goodness, the Kaffe quilt is just spectacular, love it!

  10. The Kaffe may not be you but you did a beautiful job of creating it! :) I love it! I think it is stunning!

  11. That's why they say, enjoy it while it lasts! You certainly do that!
    Lovely store window.. your quilt is beautiful too!

  12. SERIOUSLY?!? Hail?!? We have been enjoying the gorgeous high 70s and 80s but nothing like the sudden hail storm...

    Love the Kaffe quilt, maybe because it's more Doris than it is Victoria...

  13. Glad y'all got to enjoy the nice weather while it lasted. I love your Kaffe quilt! The addition of the black is perfect.

  14. Okay, forget everything else, the Kaffe quilt is gorgeous!! If you don't love it, I know the perfect home for it... LOL!! It looks just gorgeous on your bed!


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