Monday, September 27, 2010

something new, something blue

At our last NYC MOD quilt guild, we had a scrap bag swap... I got my top made very quickly, 
but never got it finished! 
Our next meeting is Saturday, 
so it went to the top of my list of "things to do today"...

Are you in NYC this weekend?  
Send me an email, 
and You can come by the meeting, it's here, at my place.. 
10am- 1pm Saturday.  Come by,  it will be great fun!
These two SISTERS quilts are bound and done... 
They go to their new home tomorrow...

Just need to sew on the labels, and pack them up!

Here's the backs, which show a block from each others quilts.

You may recall these quilts are for two little sisters... 
So they will have a little quilt bond, to go with their sister bond!

It's hard to see on this, but I had the little horse from the fabric print, 
quilted into the borders all around the quilt... thanks Linda!

I dug out some solid scraps I made a while ago, 
to make a few stars...
Also made some piping!  Something new!  
I have never done piping, so I am trying to learn something new today...

Do you have anything new that you're working on today?


  1. I WISH I was working on something new today...I'm painting old bathroom ceilings...gack!

    I love the stripey stars.

    Wish I was in NYC for a quilt meeting and a tour of your lovely loft!!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  2. Love the mod quilt, and the stripey stars...and the two sisters! I'm off on holiday for a week on Saturday...otherwise I would have nipped over for the meeting...but first I have to finish your block!!

  3. I am gtting ready to machine quilt my first large quilt.I havemachine quilted smaller pieces or hand/machine quilted large quilts but never the whole thing.

  4. Love those solid scrappy stars!!! Sure wish I could hop back on the plane and join your mod quilting meeting. Really like your guild's logo. I'm not working on anything new today, but at least I'm sewing some. Enjoy your day!

  5. What lucky sisters to receive those quilts!

    And love those stars! Fun stuff chica.

  6. I should have come over here sooner...I'm sooooo inspired....all that glorious color and designs are just what I needed! Thanks V

  7. The commissioned quilts for the sisters are terrific - love the block switching on the back. Must be satisfying to be asked by a customer to design a quilt again, & again & again. Congrats!

  8. I've been playing with layered circles (raw edged) and then cutting them up. I think it's called the Bulls Eye pattern, but I haven't actually seen an actual pattern or instructions. I'll show you how it looks on Saturday..

  9. I actually took off today ( in the pouring rain) and went up to a garden tour at Mohonk Mountain House.
    The gardens are was worth the trip.
    Tomorrow I get my new kitchen counters installed! Kitchen renovation is a pain but I have to keep focusing on the end game.

    Congrats on your finishes.......wish I was going to be in NYC this weekend.....nope I'll be painting the kitchen.
    But thanks for the invite :0).

    Happy seeing what you've accomplished V!

  10. Oooo... I would love to come, but the hubs is going to be away all weekend!! Maybe the next meeting, that would be sew (LOL) much fun!! Love your play blocks and piping is just fantastic!

  11. I finished a mini quilt tonight. I dropped all the school work and just want to play a bit. I really like your solid scrap stars.. they are sparking...


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