Wednesday, August 4, 2010

old tops.

I found this old quilt top this summer in MN that I had made
when I was in college

I was probably 20... I was free piecing!

Basically that means, (at that time, ) I had no idea what I was doing...
You can tell by the
wonky blocks in the corner... I got frustrated and stopped making it...

I was enamoured with Amish Quilts... I was trying to duplicate something I saw,
I wanted the same fabrics, couldn't find them, so I winged it...
Sounds familiar right? perhaps I still don't know what I am doing, and am just
winging it...
I hope I've learned a few things over years...
Two things are for sure about this old project...
one, I still LOVE STRIPES.
(notice the rug?)
and two,
I MUST finish this quilt. Just because...

Thanks for the great ideas yesterday! I did attempt to hang the panel over her bed,
not long enough for one. two, the ceiling is so high I thought it looked weird since our ceilings are not flat level ceilings...

I did order a couple panels.. (shower curtains to be precise!) that I will play with..
I'm going to try the idea of panels along side the bed... I think she's like that... the ceiling is my greatest obstacle...

Just forgot to take a picture of the AFTER!

oh well. more to come... it's a work in progress....

I'm off to make up for playing hooky yesterday...
Gotta get some serious quilts done...


  1. I love your daughter's bedspread/quilt!

    Could you make a canopy with large amounts of tulle? It's pretty inexpensive, so the yards and yards it would take wouldn't be too cost prohibitive. Or, could you make a canopy bed somehow to drape fabric on?

  2. At first I thought the stripe was the border. How fun to dig up something from your past and want to finish it now. I'd say your love of color and creative style has always been evident.

  3. Love the stripes in your old quilt top and in that rug! I go in streaks where I love stripes too, and then end up with too many striped t-shirts That ceiling really is high. Love that paint color so much! Maybe those new panels along side the bed will work. Sounds like a lot of work, but it's good to try out different looks till you feel it's just right!

  4. I knew you didn't mean old shirts! The stripes are fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing how you combine our own old + new work! I've always looked at the bed canopies from Ikea... You could probably do something similar with a huge embroidery hoop and some curtains or yardage. Have fun- she'll love it!

  5. Try one of these round mosquito net thingies and spruce them up with some of your fabric. They are not tulle but some other tight woven stuff. I believe they are usually hung from a hook in the ceiling. Just my weird design suggestion :)

  6. Have you thought of putting them on the side such that a rod comes out (perpendicular) from the wall say 12 inches or so? Then I guess you could drape a third panel over the two side rods? In our last house I hung my decorative shower curtain rod from the ceiling with a dec chain...chains may even out your uneven ceiling? Good luck!

  7. I love that old quilt with the wonky blocks...might it look good with another wonky block on the corner of the stripey middle?

    and one thing I have learned (maybe the only one?!)...most people are winging it, (or they're stuck in a rut!) - they just don't admit it! ;-)

  8. Oh just imagine the quilting you can play with on those strips! Glad to see you are still quilting with your heart!

  9. I love it hanging!! And I also love stripes :) Kaffe Fasset's stripes have my knees going all wobbly...


  10. I think the wonky blocks are wonky-great!
    There is smth about them that reminds me of that blue square included in the coffee colored quilt...
    Hope to see how you finish it.

  11. My Interior Design Daughter did this. She, like all girls, wanted a canopy. She took a circular quilting hoop (one of the big ones). Ran it through the end of some tulle with a turned down edge. Hung it from the center of the bed. And draped the long ends of the tulle over the four corners of the bed. She put fringe on the edges , and it looked like the mosquito netting in Casablanca. (Not sure if they actually had it in the movie, but it reminds me of that). As an adult, she has done that with her guest room as her hubby hates "frilly girly" stuff. And she used muslin panels with inserts of tulle all dyed to match in a parchament color. Breathtaking. I need to get you a picture.



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