Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dust, oh my!

No quilts today.
gasp! can you believe it!
nope, I had to run in to NYC. first time all summer...

Had to get my "IRON".. at the doc...
and check on the loft...
Look at this mess... paint done.
just a whole heaping mess... DUST everywhere...
I need to whip this place into shape before Sept....when we're back...
Need the built in cabinets to get done before I can tackle the rest...
Yuck. dust in my lungs. HACK!

This is B's old mirror. I covered it in fabric when she was just a babe...
fast forward ten years...

And this is part of what I did today...
Her room is done. so I cleaned, and mopped and cleaned and mopped...
and recovered her mirror...

She said she wants a more SOPHISTICATED ROOM....
So, I'm making my attempts.. She had wanted a canopy..
(what little girl doesn't?)
I took her drapes and played with hanging them behind her bed...
Not sure I like it, but I have a few weeks to ponder and play...
The drapes are not quite long enough to really DRAPE across over her bed, and besides, I tried it, and her ceiling is quite tall that it looked weird...

Anywho, I have a few paint touch ups to do in her room, before I close the
door and head back to
our house...

Cleaning/playing for one day...


  1. I LOVE your loft! So much space for NYC!

  2. lucky you to have children who actually care about their rooms -- my boys don't see the dust or the clutter or the decor. how about lots of yards of tulle (or bridal netting) hung from that bulkhead over the bed? it's really wide stuff and you could pull it back to the wall for that canopy like feel and the investment would be minimal.

  3. How about if you put another curtain rod on the overhang above the bed and attach the top of the curtain there. Then run the curtain loosely behing the rod on the wall. This will make a small canopy. I love the colors that have been chosen for the room.

  4. Oh, an idea. I tried finding a picture but am running short on time so will try to explain. If you could hang a rod from the ceiling that is even with the head and another that is even with the foot of the bed, then sew the curtains end to end and drape the lenght of the bed that may give the feel you want. (Some kind of fringe or trim on the edges would be a great addition.)

    I also like the tulle idea. Big bang for your buck on that.

    Looks great even as it is!

  5. UGH quick run back to your vacation.......this looks like too much work.

    Happy sewing

  6. I bet that felt weird to be back in the city and seeing your loft after so long. Looks like progress is being made, which is a good sign. I love the update to B's mirror and room. So fun to read about your thought process and watch things progress.

  7. Today on HGTV there was a show that had a bedroom redo and the designer suspended two curtain rods from the ceiling - one on each side of the bed. He put a pair of drapes on each side and tied them at the corners of the bed. It was a nice touch, even though not my taste.

  8. The bedroom looks great. You are very creative!

  9. I have seen tutorials on blogs for doing this
    with that netting stuff
    let me look around and see if I can find any
    oh V needs that over her bed!
    HGTV has done a few shows where they made "canopy" for over a bed

  10. You all have so many lovely ideas!

    I did try to hang it as a canopy, but, if you look at her ceiling... It's not a flat ceiling... we have two foot drop beams and it's a bit challenging to hang anything....
    plus it's 12" ceilings...
    I did order some drapes to try hanging them down the sides of her bed... but it will have to be very jerry rigged..
    She's has a toile netting thingy... so she wants an upgrade... LOL!
    A ten year old with her own design sense... scary huh?

    Keep those ideas coming!
    you guys are awesome!

  11. When my girls were littler they shared a room and they wanted a curtain around their bed. I compromised and found an antique towel rack that folded against the wall. They could fold the curtain back against the wall when they wanted too (rarely) or tuck the bottom into a curtain holder on their head board.

    I only needed the one between the two bed to satisfy them and it looked cute.

  12. V, this is probably off-topic, but I'm curious about the quilt on B's bed. Did you make it? Have you shown it here before? If not, could you show it again...I'd really like to see it.


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