Wednesday, August 25, 2010

collecting scraps...

This is just my clarification to my daughter that she indeed DOES enjoy playing in my scraps...
She had a chore today to help go through my two bins of scraps to pick out all the tiny bits
for yet another scrappy quilt, using bits that are already SMALL...
She then said, I love this, and this, and this, and this one!

Next thing I know, she has them laid out with batting, and a fabric backing...
(This comes from my girl who said recently she'd never make another quilt, and I couldn't make her)

Mind you, I've never MADE her...  She gets all excited playing with the scraps all on her own...

I ONLY had her pick out my tiny scraps.

There. I said it.  ;-)

So, can you tell she's my kid or what?

Myself?  I have been cutting apart those shirts Tonya and I collected... These are just the cuffs and collars off just 4 shirts!  Look how much I got just from those pieces! Gotta love it... The Accu-quilt works fabulous for this project...
Yes, they are indeed addicting.... (I highly recommend it.)
But my scissors hand has a rubbed sore callus from cutting up the first 8 shirts! 
So be warned...
Cut in shifts...  ;-)


  1. G'eve Victoria ~ Your daughter has a keen eye for creating. Lovely.

    Have a lovely eve ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. She made a lovely little quilt!

  3. What fun to have a daughter following in your footsteps! Darling quilt.

    I do love those collars and cuffs, and someday will do something with them. I have a theory that some old quilt block patterns came from the shapes of these.

  4. glad your daughter is being creative with the scraps.I know what ya mean about cutting shirts apart in shifts.. .

  5. i understand scissor hands... and we're not talking "edward" either...

    i used my rotary cutter, and cut rough pieces,.... so i wasted a bit of fabric... but not really.


  6. Yay scraps! I am so glad she rethought never making a quilt again. She did such a beautiful job!

  7. Victoria,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I love your quilts! They are beautiful!!! I didn't know what post to leave a comment on, because you make so many colorful quilts. Now, I have a new blog to check out regularly!
    Lincoln, NE

  8. B is a real chip off the old block! Great little quilt! I bought a lovely blue/grey mens striped shirt for cutting up - beautiful thick 100% it home and tried it on over jeans & tee, open, with sleeves rolled up...needless to say it is now in my wardrobe!!

  9. Oh, B, stop fighting it and give in to the sensational temptation of fabric arts!

  10. wheee! your shirt stash is so organized! how big are you cutting the triangles? I'm guessing 2.5"

  11. The Gee's Bend women don't cut much. They tear, and you can too, at least when dealing with straight grain. Love your daughter's quilt.

  12. You are building great memories for your baby! When she is "grown", if they are ever "grown" she will remember working with you.

  13. Did you have any doubt about B's creativity? She got it fair and square. Way to go Mom! Dang kid will be running circles around us soon! LOL!


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