Friday, July 23, 2010

Kids Quilt

quilted , washed and bound.
It's a dreary rainy day today , hard to get great pictures...

I started quilting this last night at 10 pm, and didn't stop til 2 a.m.

That, is not normal for me! I'm a in bed at ten kind of girl...
But I really wanted to get this First BASICS KIDS quilt done.
I have one more to make...
this will be auctioned off with the first 20 BASICS HOUSE BLOCK quilts
that many of you contributed...

I left the raw edges of the pieces the kids laid out, so when I washed it, the edges curled up
and raveled... The soft flannel backing, makes it a really soft quit....

The binding was nice and cheery! It's from the robot line from Michel miller...
A great stripe.. I love stripes...
Feels good to finish it!

Why did I stay up til 2 a.m. quilting it?

Because I played hooky from sewing during the day
so I could get my motorcycle serviced...

It was a nice day, what can I say...

Things just got to be done! ;-)

now to get back to my 15 minutes of play.


  1. FABULOUS!! This one ought to bring a pretty penny!

    Cool bike too!

  2. Very nice! I love the binding on the kids' quilt. It looks so cuddly! Hope you get some better riding weather soon!

  3. It's wonderful V! I love the blue stripe border fabric, it's so right for it, as is the orange stripe binding fabric :) Happy riding!

  4. I love the border you chose! It looks great! So glad you got your motorcycle fixed. You picked a perfect day too!! I hope you and hubby have a great time!

  5. I know this is a labor of love but you're going to be deserving of lots of "ME" time after all of your hard work. A very sweet quilt.

  6. It's a fabulous quilt and you sure put your heart and soul into them V!
    Hope you got to ride that shiny bike after it was service!

  7. Your motorcycle is a beauty! On your quilt...did you machine quilt this on your machine or do you have a long arm? Looks great!!

  8. That's so sweet. I love that binding fabric. The quilt is adorable. Are you ready for a nap yet?

  9. It looks great! Love the detailing on your bike, too. My first bike was a little 250 Rebel, but my second bike, a 750 Magna, a b-day gift to myself when I turned 30, had some badass dragon detailing on it. I sure do miss riding...

  10. Victoria, I love you, your hubby, your quilts, and your thirst for Sis are such a delight!!

  11. that quilt came out so wonderfully!


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