Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy day.

It's so fun to get mail.
I had a lovely surprise in the mail when my hubby came out to our house yesterday...
in the mail was a box from Toni.
Inside the box was this lovely turq/red/white fabric
that I was drooling over, (several of us were)
and several of us bought the Yellow version of it, because Toni
was lucky enough to have gotten the last of the bolt...

EEEEK! I screeched in PURE DELIGHT.
Then I proceeded to do a little happy dance...
The fabric is by Jennifer Paganelli,
and you know how much I love her fabrics!!!

I cut into it IMMEDIATELY with the package all laying on my cutting mat...
And added it to one of my star blocks...(above)

thanks Toni.
I love it.

I have a question for all of you.

Can any of you spare
ONE Orphan Block?
(orphan block = any pieced block that has not found a home in a quilt)

I'm working on a project
(not a charity quilt)

and I need a some

extra Random squares...
Any size,
any colors
any block design

I don't need 10 of the same block.
And I don't need TONS of blocks...

So if you have ONE block you want to contribute...

Please send to:

Bumble Beans Inc.
335 W 38th St, 8th fl
New York, NY 10018


It's not all BASICS quilts over here...
I took a break on this triangle commission quilt...
now am back at it...

My go cutter from accuquilt has been so helpful with this project...
Once get the borders on, I am gearing up for the applique portion...
Horses, girl, house, from the design on the pink fabric..

And lastly. But most importantly.

11 years ago, I said " I DO"

And I'd say "I do" a million times over to him again...

Happy Anniversary, Hubby!


  1. Great surprise in the mail!! Love those! What a terrific picture or the two of you! Hope you have a wonderful Anniversary! Enjoy your dinner.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! One orphan block coming your way!

  3. Happy anniversary to you! What a great picture of the two of you! Love all these wonderful, colorful projects you have going on. How lucky you received those two treasured pieces of Jennifer's fabric! I adore that red and blue print too! I will check my stash for an orphan block I could share.

  4. Have a happy anniversary! I wish you many other days as this!
    I will look for same orfan blocks too.

  5. Hi V,
    I love sending blocks to people. Any particular size? I will put it in the mail on Mon. Have a great weekend.
    Mary C. (WA)

  6. Happy Anniversary V! You guys are a great looking couple.

  7. Wishing you both a very happy anniversary! Gorgerous fabrics. Perfect in your star quilt.

  8. Orphan block on it's way to a forever home.

  9. So is it just a square of fabric or a pieced block of any type of design?

  10. Happy Anniversary! Love your new fabrics. I'll be sending a block next week.

  11. Victoria, happy anniversary! I'll drop an orphan in the mail Monday :)


  12. Happy anniversary! I think I can find an orphan block.

  13. Aw, what a happy couple! I just realised that means I first came to visit your Blog one year ago.
    Be happy lovely Victoria and your beautiful family.

  14. Do I have any orphan blocks? What a silly question! The question is not if but how many...But if you insist on only one then I will randomly pull one from the closet...

  15. I definitely have an orphan block for you. Happy anniversary!

  16. when ever ill get back in to sewing i would love to donate for any project you make- but for now: happy happy aniversary!!!!

  17. What a beautiful anniversary photo! Many more blessings to you both. One orphan block in the mail.

  18. The fabric is beautiful - how lucky are you?! and Happy Happy Anniversary!

  19. Happy Anniversary V!
    dropped a block in the mail to you this morning!

  20. Happy Anniversary! I wish I had something not packed up to send.

  21. Toni shared some loveliness with you for sure V! I can't imagine how many different blocks it will show up in!
    The happiest of anniversaries to you both! You deserve it! Yup, sending a block.

  22. Happy Anniversary! That is a gorgeous picture of the two of you. The lighting is just beautiful!

  23. Block coming 'atcha. You may hack it up, rip it apart, ANYTHING you want! It's an 'orphan'!!! AND...
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! You guys look GREAT together!

  24. I posted this morning about longing for the ocean and then...I got to visit through you and your sweet hubby! Thank you!!!! and congrats!

  25. Happy anniversary and many many more.
    You look so happy :0)

    Happy sewing,

  26. Aww... happy anniversary!

    You're going to be inundated with blocks you know, even if everyone does only send one. I know I will be!

  27. I have a block I am going to send you - it may take awhile since it is coming from Panama via the local mail. We have a special delivery that's a bit faster maybe two weeks is that OK?


  28. Awww, happy anniversary. Great photo.

  29. OMG - Victoria - I'm just now seeing this and you're cracking me up! Just excited you like it and it was really fun to send it! Of course HAPPY ANNIVERSARY very late but I still think it's important! Have a wonderful rest of your week - I'm off to Alaska Sat - I know - gotta get a blog up and running! :-)
    Love Toni


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