Saturday, July 3, 2010

Got 15? make fabric

After three weeks of not having a proper sewing space, I unpacked
and had that overwhelming feeling of
uuuugh... where do I begin??

I put up a few BASICS quilts that I need to finish up...
that was a good start...

Then I Dug these SUPER DUPER CUTE blocks from Kathie
also to be finished up for donation quilts...
aren't they spectacular?? thank you Kathy!
I can't believe you could give these up!!

I dug out this lap quilt I made at my cabin, (not an easy feat) to get the binding on it.
This quilt is for one of the ladies at my cabin area
that gave me three boxes of vintage fabrics...
She was sifting through this box and I noticed she had a hard time putting
this blue boat fabric into my bin...

I later pulled it out, since I knew she liked it, to make her a thank you gift...
She later called me and said, "You know that blue boat print?"
"Do you think you could pull that out and save it for me?"

I said, "I already did! and would it be OK if I made it into a quilt for you!"
She was more than pleased. So I want to get it finished ASAP so she can enjoy
it at her cabin this summer...

OK, that's 4 projects already in the works...

then I started something else I've been percolating for awhile now.
But will save that for another day...

I took the scraps from that project though, and did my 15 minutes of
making fabric.

I had a few questions recently about my process
when I "Make Fabric"
Making fabric to me, is taking all my crumbs,
and scraps and making blocks out of them...

So here's my 15 minutes for today...


I like to start like you would a crazy quilt. with a 5 sided scrap piece.
This will help give you many different angles to your scrap fabric.

I start by adding pieces around, rather like a scrappy log cabin...
But I like to take various size pieces not just strips...
Sometimes I trim as I go to keep various straight edges so I can easily keep adding pieces...

It's an "add and trim" process...

Add in some varied size pieces... and I always finger press...
Getting up to iron every bit is to much...
sew, finger press, sew, finger press...

It's OK if things start to get wonky...

Keep the bits you trim off, as they may be perfect somewhere else...

Like this...

I stop when I reach and approximate goal of my block that I want...

Then trim my block down, in this case I made a 6" block... in 15 minutes...
And have some nice scrap pieces To use when I start my next block...

Be mindful of you squares, if you pull on them you'll pull the seam loose.
I love the randomness of the seams,
and prefer that to perfect horizontal and vertical seams...

They are rather like putting a puzzle together... and even though you
think you are using up your scraps, you will make much much more!
just smaller bits! ;-)

Might you like to do a 15 minute a day
"make-fabric-sew-a-long" with me?

leave a comment here or hop over to the SAY CHEESE blog,
where we will be able to post our progress and see what others do to finish their blocks...

by the end of summer you'll have enough blocks for a very happy scrappy quilt!

Send me an email if your interested...

Happy sewing!


  1. That sounds like a great idea. I have a hard time throwing away scraps and yet I'm drowning in them. I need a day or two to tidy up in the sewing room so I can make good use of 15 minutes. BTW, your hydrangeas look just like mine. I posted a picture of them a week or so ago and at first I thought your picture was mine. I jut love my hydrangeas! Happy 4th.

  2. I started doing this a while back, but mine were larger, more like placemat size. Never knew what to do with them, and everyone thought I was nuts! So now I have a definite purpose!


  3. This sounds like fun and I have a drawer of scraps that I thought would come in handy sometime. Count me in. Thanks.

  4. Yep....did my 'making fabric' back on June 1....good scrappy therapy!

  5. I recently began making Disappearing 9 Patch blocks. I just love them. If you haven't tried them yet and are looking for a new block...this one is great. Happy 4th to all.

  6. You have some beautiful projects on the go... and I love the idea of making fabric... it's great to use scraps any way you can. Have fun!

  7. Love this idea and I will probably following along as I need to tame many a scrap. I can't bear to thrown away anything...great blog.

  8. Doesn't it feel good to be home and now having a working studio!!?? It looks fabulous and the projects that you pulled out are just wonderful!! Love your little making fabric tutorial. A great way to use your scraps! Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday!!

  9. I'm in for a little scrap reduction. Let's see 15 for scrap blocks, 15 for my repro project, 15 for 2 donation quilts, 15 for each of the other 3 quilts I want to finish this summer. Yup plenty of sewing going on over here! Thanks for the inspiration - love the projects!

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  11. the blocks from Kathie are gorgeous!!!

  12. Love seeing your scrappy stars! Still loving that yellow. Picked up a tiny piece of that yellow you dropped on the floor ;-) Put it in one of my "15 minute" blocks. Thanks for the explanation of how you make your fabric. Great projects you've pulled out to work on.

  13. Naturally, I will plan on quilting along. Love the hydrangeas...are they blue naturally or do you have to add acid to the soil. The only other I saw them naturally blue was on the coast of Oregon.

  14. Really love the 'randomness' approach you take with the seams, love it so much that I'll give it a good honest shot (I have not sewed in like 20 years).
    This is bound to sound like a silly question, but-
    the yellow tool at the top- that's a cutting tool, right?
    And you machine sew as you go, right? Do you iron the seams in the back in between adding more scraps?
    If and when you have a chance to answer- I would be thrilled, thank you! and keep sewing!

  15. Muy linda idea. Yo lo haré en algún momento. Gracias,

  16. I love the technique. Thanks for sharing!

  17. I like this 15 Minute Quilting. I have so many scraps I have saved thru my years of sewing for everyone. I am taking the scraps from my Grandsons, shirts and trying to make a lap quilt from them. Thanks for the encouragement to do this...



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