Monday, July 5, 2010

15 plus

One a day keeps the doctor away?
today's 15 minutes + another 10 more...
well, if I can make a few of these a week, I may get this quilt done by Christmas...!!!

If you want to play along hop over to the "Say Cheese Bumble beans Blog..."
We'll be able to post our progress over there... A few have already started! I'm impressed!

See, I've got many more to go... but fun!! woohoo!
I actually don't have enough scraps! Can you believe that?
I left the big bag I was using to make these in the city.
Gotta get hubby to bring them out for me...

Shelly gave me these blocks for Donation quilts for Basics, so I put this together today...
I think it will make a great auction quilt for September's Benefit...

I'm heading up to JACKIE, tomorrow to pick up the first BIG BATCH of BASICS auction quilts that she quilted for me! A few other gals may be around...
What fun! Pictures of that will follow for sure!

BY the way, keep those quilts coming!
let's get that $100 for services from Linda at cottage garden quilts raffled off!

Just for fun... this is 6 hydrangea stems from my garden...
they're humongous and Fantastic!

And, the giant that I am... Yet, a Hollyhock that sprung up out of no where, is taller than me!
I'm six feet tall, that plant(or weed as my mother calls them) is about 10' tall...
I like my pretty weed.


happy sewing!


  1. Love those star blocks!! And the table runner! And the flowers!!

  2. Love the quilt blocks - so fun!

  3. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!

  4. Hey V, I like the scrappy block with your stars! I'm happy to see what you did with the asian blocks. They look good with the row of houses. You rock, girlfriend! Luv the Hydrangeas and hollyhocks! Have a great day with Jackie and Karen. Happy chit chatting!

  5. V, I love Hollyhocks. I noticed yours right away...lucky girl! We had a whole row of them next to the back fence when I was a kid. I know that some think of them as weeds, but they are beautiful weeds.

  6. love the pretty flowers, wow thats tall, but beautiful!
    the stars are great and what fun alternate block that is!Kathie

  7. How wonderful Basic Housing is getting close to 100 donated quilts. All the quilts and blocks being donated, you heading the project, Jackie donating the quilting...generous and inspiring group of ladies! Do you do anything special to the soil to get that amazing blue color of your hydrangea?

  8. Great hydrangea, you should see my mother's, some of hers are close to purple. I love your idea of 15 minutes a day. I am going to try that when I stop having so much family time.

  9. I am LOVING your scrap quilt! I think that one is going on my "to make someday" list!!

  10. Weeds?! I love hollyhocks, too! and I am green with envy (no pun intended) over your hydrangeas!

    Great addition to the scrappy stars quilt! love seeing what your keen eye comes up with...

  11. I love hollyhocks. They remind me of my grandmother. She used to make us little dolls out of them, using the flowers for their skirts.
    I love what you're doing with your star blocks. I'm tempted to join your 15-minute making fabric thing, but I'm still having trouble just doing the 15-minute anything thing!

  12. So since I now woke up from my nap and have a few minutes to catch up on my blog reading that we were speaking of... I now get to see that wonderful Hollyhock!! Unbelievable! And beautiful too!! By the way the quilt that you made with the blocks from Shelly is even more beautiful in person!!

  13. me too. i like your pretty weed too!



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