Friday, June 11, 2010

And we're off.

I put this together a week ago...I dug out that bag of selvages I had
from all the donation fabrics. I made a bunch of solid pieces of fabric out of them,
by sewing them all together, then rolling them through my acuquilt go cutter,
using the tumbler die...
and like-ty split I had them read to sew together....
I had three pieces of fabrics I wanted to incorporate with them,
the polka dots, the red white and blue stripe/flower fabric in the big borders,
and a white with red ric rac print for the outer border.. They just looked so cute together..
Also couldn't resist some slightly wonky 9 patches in the corner... aprox 50" X 70" I think..
Maybe I will have it ready for the 4th of July!

I'm off to drive to MN bright and early, tomorrow morning, so my posts will be limited to my iphone... wow, I will be nearly disconnected... I don't have a lap top anymore! But, you know I will find something fun to post to keep you guys around!

The weekend of our retreat in St. Cloud, MN is the MN Annual Quilt show... What fun that will be to tramp through there and see whats happening in the mid west with quilting!

I can't wait to get everyone together... stay tuned for pictures from that event! Gruber's fabrics

As we drive tomorrow, we will stop in Ohio to see Linda, and pick up 4 more of my quilts... (one's I've never gotten around to quilting for myself!!)
So that will be great fun for me!

I'm so excited, I probably won't sleep much!

Thank you all of you who sent me tips on my featherweight, "Sally"!
I already ordered a bunch of new parts for her, and a manual so I will
be ready to tinker with her when I get back in July.

I was walking around the other day and I walked past this building in NYC... it was entirely covered in IVY... it looks rather like a big fluffy Oscar the grouch building... doesn't it?

Happy Sewing!

See you in MN!


  1. Oh my goodness Victoria! I'm am in love with that quilt! YOu are too amazing!

  2. Oh, have so much fun! You'll really enjoy quilting with Amanda--say hi to her for me!

  3. The quilt is fantastic! Have safe happy travels. We will be looking forward to your return. Have a wonderful time!

  4. Have a great time away. I look forward to photos when you get back.

  5. I'm not kidding when I say this is one of my favourite quilts of all time. I absolutely love it.

  6. Have fun. Drive safe. Great new quilt.

  7. Love this! It looks so fresh and clean :-) I think I will start piecing my selvages into fat quarters, the pile I have is starting to grow!!

  8. Has Karen (selvage queen) Griska seen your new quilt? Luvvit!!!

  9. Very cool quilt! The things you just "throw together" always seem like masterpieces to me!

  10. what a FUN quilt! i love the selvage pieced tumblers.

  11. LOVE the tumblers quilt - it seems that those improvisational, throw-them-together-quickly quilts often turn out great! Love the retro/patriotic look. :)

  12. This quilt is so striking! We were in MN this weekend and now my husband understands why people would want to spend their summers there. It's just too hot here in Virginia!


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