Thursday, May 20, 2010

piddling along

OK, I know that sounds funny...

I feel like I am getting nothing done this week...

I meant to finish the self portrait quilt.
I still have not finished the hand quilting... nor have I gotten the binding on it...

scrap swap challenge:
I had hopes of getting this off my design wall.
I have everything sewn together on it, except the top right corner,
and now,
I keep adding stuff to it...

How are you others doing on your scrap swap challenges?

I got this binding done... woohoo!
And three others on the SIS BOOM POW quilts. WOOHOO!
thank you Helen for coming to help me!

I had a doctor apt this morning for my iron transfusions, and I was very early
so I went and sat in Central Park and stared at the reservoir for a while...

Then this lady bird came to visit...
(gotta love the polka dots)

The sun is out, it's glorious...

(this might make a neat self portrait quilt!)

OK, so, maybe I had a few ideas pop in my head
and a bunch of SMALL projects done,
so maybe
it's not such a wasted week after all...

Tomorrow, B's class is going on a sailing trip
leaving from the South Street seaport
in lower Manhattan...I get to join them!
maybe that's just what I need.

I should have some lovely pictures of the harbor to show tomorrow!
It is to be in the 80's! I have fingers and toes crossed for that!
I think I need a little Mr. Golden Sun...

Happy Sewing!


  1. I love your self portrait. I don't remember seeing it. Wow

  2. Oh my goodness...a self-portrait quilt...amazing!

    I always volunteered to chaperone for my kids' field trips when they were in school. Never got to go on sailing trip off Lower Manhattan though. Wow. Have fun!!

  3. Love your piddles. :o) The self-portrait being my favorite. Happy sailing.

  4. Hey V, It all looks good! Looks like you got a lot done this week to me. Luv the turquoise sneek-peek! Have a great field trip!

  5. That portrait quilt is so incredible. You are such an artist!

  6. Tomorrow is Community Service Day at our middle school. I have the choice of being in the woods with my fifth grader OR being in the woods with my seventh grader. I would much rather be on a boat sailing out of the seaport! Enjoy your day on the water!

  7. Great post. Love your self portrait!


  8. Thank you for the field trip thru Manhatten! It relaxes me just to see it! I was out pruning (hacking) at trees today...glorious! Have fun sailing!

  9. Have a great sale tomorrow!! Just got home from something called sample spree and I have to put my feet up!

  10. the photos. I especially love the central park one/reservoir...gorgeous. Funny what appears when we take the time to look and listen! Thanks for sharing...

  11. Love the picuture of the Central Park Reservoir.

    Just got back from the UK. Still rather shell shocked, but haven't forgotten my promise. I'll start as soon as poss.

  12. beautiful pics. I hope you get tons of sun and have a fabulous time on the sailing trip.

  13. I wanna see more of that quilt you fishes the binding on! Ooooh...a bright one!

    Hope you had fun sailing today!

    ps how's your next Tuesday looking for a cup o tea?

  14. Hi,
    TGIF....The scrap challenge is a great project. Beth sent me a ton of stuff. No sewing yet. I have been making heart string blocks lately so I will use some of it in that.
    Take care, all.

  15. It doesnt sound funny, it sounds English :D along with tootling along and pottering about. I declare you an honorary English rose for the day XX

    ps your self portrait is awesome (do I sound like an American gal now?) :D

  16. Oh, my, that sounds like a blast! Have fun sailing! We're supposed to FINALLY get some sun here tomorrow, after sooooo much gloomy rain . . . I'm so looking forward to it. Love the quilts you showed!


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