Friday, April 9, 2010


Fun Friday....

Procrastination and why it's great...

I've have a group project that I started with a bang weeks and weeks ago,
and now, of course, it needs to be done very soon.(it has since been neglected)
My goal for the week was to sit and get the applique done by today.
Well, today is here and guess what?
Two Oprah's,
three Parenthoods,
One,the mentalist
and one American Idol later,

I am now caught up on my TIVO'd shows from
when I was away on vacation!

And I just got the applique done.

(did you know, if you skip commercials,
you can watch all those shows in about 3 hours?)

Gotta love procrastination! (and Tivo!)

April 28th I will be working with 12 kids ages 10-15
from the BASICS program
to make enough blocks for two more quilts...
I cut a bunch of squares and will bring my bins of scraps
and some steam a seam, and hopefully,
come up with a bunch of blocks like mine above....

They can make whatever they want,
and I am so looking forward to see, what they come up with.

I still need a helper or two, if you anyone wants to come lend a hand...

I did get one more BASICS top together today...
Still have time to send blocks!
Get them to me BEFORE APRIL 30th to be entered in the
drawing for the AMY BUTLER fabrics giveaway...
I will continue to gather the house blocks afterwards...
Can never have enough quilts for this cause...

Have a great weekend, oh, and
For all you 80's game fans....
(even if your not, I bet you'll like this.)

now, I gotta find something for that "15 minutes for myself"...
perhaps cut a few more tumblers...



  1. Sounds like a great day, but any day with the Mentalist and some relaxing handwork is a good one in my book.-)

  2. I'm a big fan of procrastination too! Somehow I seem to get more done that way. I love the block you made and I wish I lived closer to NYC. It would be fun to help!

  3. Don't you just love technology! Tivo/DVR is just a wonderful thing. Gotta love being able to watch your shows in a fraction of the time and still get some projects completed!

  4. No one does it like you!!!! loveing these quilts!!


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