Saturday, April 10, 2010

come plAy!

Time for PLAY!

I've been thinking about

Have you seen Katherine Roumanoff's portraits?
really really fun...and inspiring!

Kathy's Header has a quilt she did in Self portraits, here
her post about this project here

I've Never done a portrait in fabric...

Want to experiment along with me?
style wise, Anything goes

Let's do a portrait of ourselves in fabric,
16" X 20"
and have a little showcase of them all...

This is a new experience for me,
let's try something NEW together!!

Leave me a comment if you want to play along...
if enough wanna play,

I put up a little blog
where we can all show our process and learn from each other...
after I get your comment to join I'll send you a invite so you can add to the blog posts...

if you want to contribute a tutorial of a portrait you have done, let me know
would love some guests bloggers on this topic...

I will post about the progress of mine.

Have you done a portrait in fabric?
send me a link...

Kathy York has a cute one on her blog here

Nellie has a fun one here

Here's a tutorial on making it in paper, which could easily be done with fabric instead.


  1. Wow that looks cool.......ummmmmm
    how do you get started? Are you going to do a little tutorial for us?

    Happy sewing

  2. I will indeed post as I make mine... Not really a tutorial ... It's more playing and experimenting... Using inspiration of others portraits to inspire us....
    Will post more later....

  3. Great idea V! Have you seen Nellies Needles post here:

    Very useful! Let me think about it, I have a huge payload at the moment, may join in later on if I can fit it all in :)

  4. V, You know I want to do one of these. I will do my best to find (or steal?) the time. Luv the pic of you and B with her pigtails. Too cute!! Happy sewing!!!!

  5. That sounds fun and SCARY at the same time - mostly because it means having to take a hard look at ourselves. I'll give it a try, though.

  6. Ok, count me in.(she said in a quavering voice!) I sometimes need a kick to mosey out of my comfortable box. I am NOT an artist. Really I'm not. AND, I don't often like a picture of myself. However, my daughter is a photography/art major in college and I'm gonna ask for her help. (Man! I've been tryin to get her interested in fiber arts but so far, no go!) So count me in and prepare to be patient, lol. thanks for all the links to tutorials!

  7. I would love to play along!!

    Would you like for me to do a tutorial on how I made "ugly kathy"?

  8. This sounds fun! I just watched an episode of Quilting Arts that featured a lady who made quilts from photos. I'll see if I can find the information for you.

  9. That sounds like fun, do stick figures count, lol.
    I am in, would be a fun exercise to do and learn from.


  10. Parece divertido y dificil, un desafio. Primero porque tomar una foto mia sin cara rara es complicado y segundo porque nunca he hecho, pero me gustan los retos y si ayudas con tutoriales como los que vi, cuenta conmigo.

  11. Love this idea, count me in! I love self portraits but haven't done one in a while, and never in fabric. Sounds like a good & timely challenge!

  12. Like the idea - and thinks it's scary, too. Can't/ don't dare to commit to posting pics though - they may be rated PG something for scary factor... due to missing talent or creativity ;)

  13. Me - again. Came across this video about fantasy fabric portraits. Maybe too mainstream for you(?), but I liked the tulle idea.

  14. oh my! I don't really have the time, but this is a challenge that I can't ignore, so I will give it a try. Should we be focussing on realism, or impressionist, or anything goes???

  15. I'm in! I have been thinking of making one since I saw a quilt very similar to the on in your post (Therese something in QNM). I tried making one of my daughter, but ran out of time and printed a black & white photo on fabric which I coloured and quilted instead...

  16. They say great minds think alike because I was thinking of making one of these a few months back. But to me honest, I don't like the way I look in pictures. I can probably use my kids picture but I'll come out of my comfort zone and take one of myself. EEEEKKKK!!!!


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