Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Doing some machine quilting today... perhaps I 'll have a finish this week!
I have some many in the works, and our quilt guild this weekend,
I thought I better get something finished!

Tomorrow, I head up to BASICS to make some blocks with
twelve kids in the program, to make two more quilts for the auction...
my daughter B, made the sample above right...
scrappy bits and fun, and don't waste anything...
gotta love that!

From the backings (that you all have sent)
that I have been cutting to back all the BASICS quilts,
I started saving the selvages... Something I have never done...
Not sure yet what will become of them. but I'll think of something!

I thought it would be a nice reminder of all of you who have sent and
donated materials for these quilts...

You guys are some GOOD PEOPLE! Thank you!

I've rcvd more blocks the last couple days! so many thank yous!
Holly, Betty, and
Dr. Marcus G, a Surgeon and quilter from Kansas,
(Don't you love that? Of course he sews!)
got a bunch of ladies together at the local quilt shop to make a bunch of houses...
so I had two big boxes yesterday which included some backings also.
Thanks so much
Terry S, Nancy S,Evelyn A, Marcus G, Louise H

and I rcvd a package
yesterday from CAHILL...New Mexico
but no first name, or email/blog address...
If that is you, could you shoot me an email please? thanks!
Don't want to miss anyone!

Also, Barbara A. again sent another pieced top with backing and binding...
I just had to insert the house blocks. that is the one outlined in YELLOW above.
thanks Barbara! Love the colors!

The one under neath that, is using up a bunch of FROG themed kids 10.5" blocks some of you
have sent.... It was so fun to put it together, all brights, and frogs everywhere!

no more dilly dallying,
gotta get back to that quilt...



  1. awesome stuff V...im thinking my guess at how many house blocks was way too low...yipee!

  2. I love the quilts with just a row of houses, soooo cute. Went home last night and cut out enough parts for at least 6, will have them in the mail as soon as I can.

  3. I love how these are coming from all over the country!

  4. The genorosity of bloggers never ceases to amaze me. You are awesome for "chairing" this project.

  5. B's quilt is darling. Obviously she follows in her mama's footsteps. I love how you've put your spin on the house block quilts. They really say you V. Thanks for heading up that project and getting such a great response.

  6. I love B's piece, really creative.
    Thisnthat fabrics is having a selvedge contest, you could enter that;)


  7. Your daughter's little quilt is adorable. She has a good teacher. So happy to hear you are receiving so many blocks for the quilts.

  8. So glad the house blocks are continuing to pour in! Love the way you are putting them together. They are all so great. I really like B's mini quilt. Gotta show that to my daughter to inspire her to use her machine. Enjoy sewing with the kids.

  9. good luck with the kids...would love to be there and help...i love working with selvages so if you dont know what to do with them or have some evtra, you can send them my way......ciao, marcus


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