Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This little runner has found a nice home! (HELLO DALLAS!)

I'm packing up my stuff to head up to BASICS to work with the kids and their blocks
for two more quilts for their fall auctions... I am so excited...
B is coming along to help, and show them her little quilt to inspire, and also my pal Kim.
Tomorrow I should have some good pictures for you of all the fun!

Speaking of FUN...

Since this Basic house Block project has been so successful and I
will be able to contribute way more quilts than I had originally thought,
I have been working with BASICS PROMESA
to turn it into a program to continue to gather quilts,
COMPLETED quilts this time...
Quilts to be sent directly to BASICS, for families.

I need your help.

New Project coming soon...
with prizes from a few familiar places!

Sounds intriguing right?

If you have an old top you can finish to donate,
or quilt you want to Donate,
the new program will be up and running...
and yes there will be raffles and prizes...
(& prizes for the the early birds to donate!)

stay tuned.

Be ready to donate a quilt or two...

please bookmark & join to Follow the new site, and check back often...

I'm hoping in another week or so, things should be up and rocking...

Quilts do not get sent to me.... please see site for details


  1. I'm hoping these will be just general-type quilts and not house-oriented cause I have a whole stack of quilts here waiting for the right place to donate. *S*

  2. what a sweet little vignette with your little runner -
    sorry to miss you this weekend - I look forward to a full report

  3. I have two or three quilts that need only binding - I lost interest in finishing them years ago. I was thinking about bringing them to our meeting on Saturday and giving them to you for you to use however you like - but I'll bind them and donate them to this cause. I'll stay tuned for details and can't wait to see your gorgeous face on Saturday!

  4. V, Your cute tablerunner has a good home. I'm sure y'all are going to have a wonderful time with your quilting workshop today. I sure wish I was there helping y'all today. Can't wait to see the pictures. Happy quilting!

  5. I have a few quilts that need a new home. I love to make quilts but they don't always have a home in mind. I was wondering if they are also looking for baby/toddler size quilts.

  6. Sounds great! :) Also, I finally finished and sent off two quilts your way on Monday! :) Hope you get them soon! :) This is so fun! :)


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