Wednesday, April 21, 2010

day of play

This stack of fabric just needed to be cut up....

I have a little bit of cabin fever,
so the color palette is
greens and yellow for Minnesota fields,

Blue waters,

and purple sunsets....

Is it summer yet?

I did the backings for the first 10 BASICS quilts...

Some of the backings are solid backs,
and a few are pieced...

Do you have a preference when you back a quilt?


or much more complicated like the front?

I so needed a play day....


  1. Hey V, Once again I'm in awe of how much you get accomplished and how quickly you do it. I'm interested to see how your Minnesota inspiration turns out. I can absolutely relate to a stack of fabric saying "Hey, cut me up!"
    And you know I LOVE a pieced back! Makes my skirt fly up! Happy sewing, my friend!

  2. That new wave quilt is scrumptious. Love those colors.

    I like a pieced back, but for simplicity usually go with a plain one.

  3. I like simple pieced backs but think complicated ones should be the front of another quilt. It really depends on how much the back will be seen. Plain backs are my choice most of the time.

  4. Usually I do plain backs, but I love pieced backs. It is mostly a time thing with me. Plain backs are obviously less time consuming. And I know, most of the time I am short on that.

  5. Love your play... :) I played a little last night, it was wonderful!!

    I would have to say that it completely depends on the composition of the quilt, I think the quilt top chooses! ;)

  6. I've never made a pieced backing simply because I never have. But I do like them so I may try one next.

  7. I love the way you cut up that stack of fabrics!! Your Minnesota fields picture is breathtaking. How big are the House quilts? I am sure I could do the math, but my brain has taken a break. They look great all spread out over the floor!!

  8. What a great space to quilt in. Love the color schemes.
    I spent the day finishing appliques and placement, then sewing and needle felting on a special project;)


  9. I prefer pieced backings...I like your waves...:)

  10. Oh how I would love to have that floor to spread out my quilts. Oh and by the way Minnesota has been wonderful. My yard has been green for 2 weeks and the trees are all green now.

  11. Sorry I only have done solid backing.

  12. Backs? It depends on the front. Baby quilts, usually solid or just two colour - if fits with the width of most commercial fabrics. Anything else there is always some picing, but how much dpends on how many seams are in the front. I want to minimize the potential for trouble when quilting.

  13. Hi,
    I only do solid backs because I have only made baby or other small quilts so far.
    Mary C.

  14. I like pieced backs. You can use up the leftovers from the front, even some extra blocks. I like to add some selvages to my label.

    But to be honest, most of by backs are plain.

    Your blog is such a source of inspiration. It makes me want to go start a new quilt.


  15. I like pieced backs. Why just have a pretty front?

  16. I've been using leftover blocks from the front to piece the backs of most of my recent quilts. I think you should make those house blocks into rugs for your room with all the pretty.

  17. I am a pieced back person. I actually like the back to be a surprise from the front---totally different color scheme or outrageous print or pieced leftovers. Next to try a back with leftovers from front as part of the back.
    Just enjoy this comment, BonnieB

  18. houaaaaaa !!!!
    very good quilting
    good morning from france


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