Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Barbara A, did it again! She sent me the top and bottom row for a quilt, complete with backing and binding ready to go... it's a HOUSE!~ How cute is that?
I inserted house blocks and it's done.. lickty split!

Terri C sent some fabulous backings and

Siobhan sent the houses at the bottom... So very cute!!

I got two more quilts laid out, ready to sew... one red white and blue fun one...
and a light rather french looking light top...

And other Barbara on her second box to me, sent 40 machine appliqued house blocks!
I was inspired to make these into a Picnic blanket, two pillows and 4 place mats as a set...
Ready for a 4th of July picnic!

So much fabulous-ness!
Thank you everyone!

One more week to get the blocks in to be entered into the Amy Butler
fabric giveaway.
Just send me your blocks or supplies by April 30th.
drawing May 1st

One a different NOTE:

Anything rcvd afterwards, (unfinished quilts, supplies)
I will continue to except to keep these quilts coming.

I am talking with the org. to set up a program for accepting completed quilts only,
for Quilts that will continue to be given directly to the families...

Stay tuned for that information.
I am working up some GREAT prizes
to set the ball rolling on that event.

Perhaps June, so stay tuned... Website in progress...
You can watch this site for details to come...


Just to be clear on that project,
ONLY COMPLETED quilts will be accepted,
and will be sent directly to BASICS...
So if you find you have a simple quilt laying around,
or old tops you don't like anymore,
please finish them and can be mailed directly to BASICS.

UNFINISHED things need to be sent to me...

But like I said, that is all coming.

So if you're a vendor
of any sort and you'd like to contribute any prizes
to help encourage all you fabulous people to donate completed quilts.

Please email me.
bumblebeansinc at gmail dot com


  1. Those Barbara's are doing a fantastic job! Must be something in that name?!

  2. I would agree with Barbara, it has to be in the names. You rock V!

    Those quilts are coming along fabulously!!!

  3. :) LOVE the house quilt, isn't that the cutest! Better get my box in the mail, but don't hold your breath, we are still grounded by volcano ash!

  4. FABULOUS STUFF! Wow! Forty blocks for forty years is very cool! You Rock! Happy house quilting!

  5. I am so enjoying watching this come together - what great blocks... and I am so glad there will be a next chapter... great work, everyone.

  6. WOW!!!! love the house quilt! So many talented people...

  7. WOW! I love that huge house! I'm putting this to the top of my LIST :)

  8. I never tire of seeing these house blocks and the quilts coming together! Love how they all have a different look about them. How great is that big house quilt?! I just remembered I need to get those 10.5 blocks in the mail to you.

  9. Hi,
    Yippee!...I am very happy because u have already used all or most of what I sent.
    Mary C. (in WA)

  10. The big houseis so clever! I see myself making one of those...


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