Tuesday, March 16, 2010


All a whirl....
tick tock... the clock ticks by and I am frantically trying to get stuff done...
Busy week, dr. apts, hair cuts, school events, field trips, and pedicure!
(gotta get beach ready!)

I took a few minutes to play in scraps, as I flip between cutting 10.5" squares from the fabrics you all have sent,
(Thank you YUKI, these are some scraps from the
fabrics you sent I cut down to 10.5" blocks)

to getting my playtime in on an idea for a new block,
then taking it one step further and free piecing it with waves and curves...
(throw that one into the orphan block bin!)


A bunch more House blocks arrived yesterday!
thank you's to
Carla, Cherie,(again!) and Sarah!
thank you ladies!

Carla, a thank you to you double! A few goodies came in the package for too!
This lovely runner for me, and a package of jolly rancher jelly beans for B...
Suspiciously all the BLUE RASPBERRY JELLY BEANS went missing!
hmmm, it's a mystery...
Someone was skipping around here in s sugar buzz last night!!
I'm all orange, so you know it wasn't me!

back to applique...


  1. Those whirlwind blocks are very cool.

    Beach ready?! Is there a trip planned or are you jumping the gun on Spring a little bit?!

  2. Love those new blocks! They remind me of the pinwheels in my garden, or the wind swirling around. Very cool effect! (we haven't bought any jelly beans yet, so thanks for reminding me!)

  3. I LOVE those whirwind blocks!!!! I can imagine a whole quilt made out of them, it would be so much fun!

    Have a great vacation! Wish I could get away to the beach....

  4. it IS time for a pedicure...thanks for reminding me! That probably went very well with the jelly beans huh?

  5. Did the one with the sugar buzz have suspiciously blue lips and tongue? Could be a clue....


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