Monday, March 15, 2010

pays to play

Time to bury the threads...I got around today to bind this Sunny D quilt!
now to bury a ton of threads for all the quilting... my least favorite part of the job...
But. This was an experiment that has had a happy ending... I played with a few different things here, more curves, and bits like the waverunners. added some silks,
playing with depth in color, not just in quilting... and really just trying to push a little further out of my box...

Continued to do so by playing with scraps... making a block with NO straight lines anywhere... except for the trimming of the size of the block...

Gotta love it...
Wish you could all come over and we could just play...

Speaking of playing....Carolyn
sent me 9 fabulous houses! Thank you Carolyn!

And I have started to play a little with the squares you all have sent me... I have to tell you what a god send it is to have the pre-cut 10.5" squares....

If I can get a whole lot more houses I'd like to lay them out like so...
If I do this, I think right now I have about 16 quilts.
But If I break it down even more and out one house block per quilt.. well then that's 72 quilts...

I'd like something in between...

More houses pleazzzeeeee!!!

I'm cutting down a lot of the fabrics you all sent to 10.5" it takes a lot of time..
so please feel free to send me more 10.5" blocks...

And remember the Amy Butler fabric...(click here). ;-)

Perhaps I can find more prizes, if more folks can send me houses! ;-)

House block Pattern click here


  1. Love the layout of the houses with those blocks. I also like the results of your play time!

  2. Do you use easy thread needles for burying the threads. That was a revelation when a teacher pointed us in that direction. Had never heard of them before.

  3. yes indeedy to self threading needles... Some super genius friend of mine cued me into that trick! (she knows who she is) ;-) thank god. because it's still a bore to bury threads!

  4. Love those wave runners so much but I especially love the second small block. It's really beautiful.

  5. great little pieces!
    Did you go saturday, or just blow away?
    I like the plain blocks with the row of houses - nice!

  6. Sunny D looks like a painting. Eye catching color combination.

  7. Sunny D may be my favorite quilt you have posted yet! Houses on the way...

  8. Vickie, I would love to come and play with you and will you put me in your suitcase?

  9. Love the depth on your Sunny D - I see a road winding through some very colorful old trees.

  10. Victoria, I absolutely love your Sunny D quilt. I will try and whip up a house or two soon!

  11. Ooooh chica, I love that quilt. I know I saw it at ModQ, but all finished....awesome! If I don't talk to you before you go, have a lovely, lovely vacay. And a Big Texas Sky hello to Shelly!


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