Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lancaster Show

Thank you to Lucille from Philly! Does anyone know her? #328
This was her quilt in the show...
She very kindly shown us the way into the show from the parking ramp, and we made it around to see her quilt as she mentioned her quilt was in the show! I popped around to take a picture of it, and she tapped me on the shoulder, and very sweetly said,
"someone just said they loved my quilt and It made me cry!"
So very genuine and lovely...

I turned around to snap the picture, and when I turned around again, she disappeared!

If you know her, tell her to email me... I can't read her last name on my shot....
the log cabin Quilt was called "Beauty"

Click here...for all the images
I took a lot of pictures, but some not very good ones...

We sure had fun in DC, and Lancaster...

(George Washington's House is a must see...)
So happy to be home.

We're off again Monday, bright and early...
beach & sunshine here I come!


  1. Here you go - the answer to Lucille:

  2. Thanks for sharing all the photos. I've never been to a big quilt show like that but it looks awesome. I really enjoy your blog.

  3. Oh gosh I just went to my first quilt show. I had such a good time looking at works of art! Aren't we just a talented bunch of sweet people?
    Lovely photos.

  4. Miss V-

    I was just dreaming last night that we were hitting the shops together. :) The trip looks like fun, especially Lancaster!!! Hope you have a fabulous time on the beach. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We'll have to get together to celebrate when you get back!

  5. When I lived in Baltimore I used to go up to Lancaster the area. Have fun at the beach!

  6. Love the one from NY! You guys all look so cute...three generations of wonderful women :( Have a fantastic time!

  7. Oh, wow! Thank you so much for sharing pictures from Lancaster. It is just amazing the work that people do.

    Your Mom is very pretty just like you and B! So glad you had fun!

  8. Hey V, Looks like y'all had a fun filled time. I love the picture of you and your Mother and B! The log cabin quilt, Beauty, is gorgeous! Have fun on the beach and have a happy birthday! We will have a lot of chit chatting to do when you get back! Peace and relaxation to you my friend! (And M and B too.)

  9. I enjoyed looking at all your photos from Lancaster. One quilt called Nuance is by Pat LaPierre from Maine and Naples, FL. Pat and her husband "invented" the Supreme Slider which is a great aid for machine quilting (it helps move the fabric through a regular machine while doing free-motion quilting). Anyway, the entire list of winners (with pictures) is at

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation - you sure are using every available moment - good for you!!

  10. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures! Really love the first one. Great generational picture too!! Those are priceless. Enjoy your beach trip. Is this your birthday celebration?

  11. Hi V, Wish I had seen you in Lancaster! We did not attend the show until Saturday though. What a wonderful show! So good to see that you all had a wonderful time in both DC and Lancaster!


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