Sunday, March 28, 2010

4 0 -- MONDAY

40 years ago, Easter fell on March 29th.
A mother was close to having her second child,
and the Doc said, no, you won't be having that baby today.

So he went home to have his Easter Dinner...
Then just to surprise everyone, I decided the time was right...

Instead of the Stork, I was delivered by the Easter Bunny...

I recall being a little kid wondering what I would Look like when I was 40.

now I know.

I wondered what I would be doing. I always wanted to be an artist...
now I know.

I wondered if I would be gray early, like my mother.

now I know!

I wondered if I would be a mother and a spouse. Where I would be living?
now I know.

And mostly, I wondered,
Would I be happy?

And Now I know.

I'm all those things, and more. And it just keeps getting better and better...

I wonder what I will look like when I am 50.
I don't want to know...

(not just yet.)

Today I am happy right where I am.

he he!

Thank you to:
& Mary C.

And just to answer a lot of the emails I get.
the address to mail the blocks to again is:

Bumble Beans Inc.
335 W 38th St 8th floor
New York, NY 10018

All blocks that want to be entered into the Amy Butler fabric giveaway
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Be back in a week!
Sorry, I won't be able to answer emails this week.

Happy Sewing!
and thank you!


  1. Happy Birthday Victoria,
    I hope you had a very special day and enjoyed some wonderful times with friends and family.
    With best wishes,

  2. Happy Birthday Victoria.You look beautiful. I too grayed early and I love my gray. I earned every gray bit of it and I call it my Natural highlights.

  3. Happy Birthday! Enjoy life moment by moment, the years have a way of flying by!

  4. Happy Birthday!! So glad u like my blocks.
    Mary C.

  5. Fabulous at Forty!!!!
    You share the day with my Daddy - he would have been 91 tomorrow.
    Enjoy YOUR week.

  6. You look fabulous at Forty!! Have a great time on your vacation! Loved reading your post today. You really know how to make someone smile!

  7. Happy Birthday. Have a great week. Let me tell you that 50 and 60 are just as much fun as 40, only different!

  8. Happy birthday. I loved your post
    It was so great I have never thought about life that way. You are wonderful.

  9. Happy Birthday Victoria, enjoy and have a wonderful week.

  10. Happy birthday Victoria! Sharonj.

  11. Wow! 40 sure is fabulous! Happy Birthday Victoria and what a great piece you just written here!

    And speaking from experience-it sure does keep getting better and better! The 50's are way better than I ever imagined!

    Enjoy your week!

  12. Happy, happy birthday!!!!! 40 is fabulous!!! Great post. Enjoy your birthday week!

    Still love seeing those house blocks arrive!

  13. Happy Birthday.

    Have a great week.

  14. happy happy birthday

    good creations and lots of happyness in life!

    i hope to join in the house block in time


  15. Best wishes for a wonderful birthday and a happy, healthy and creative year ahead, Victoria!!! Love your post and pic :))

    Take care,

  16. Happy and every day!

    I just posted on our Liberated Quilting Challenge and another one of your quilts is up for sale and/or auction at AAQI!

    Ladies, You can own one of V's quilts for a small donation/purchase price and donate to Alzheimer's research funding at the same time.

    The gift you give yourself in honor of V's birthday..hint, hint!!!!

  17. Happy birthday Victoria! Have fun....
    ; )

  18. I think as we get older we accept age gracefully--that does not mean we have to become old fuddy duddies! I LOVE the natural color of your hair instead of trying to hide the grey. Happiest Birtday. 52 years ago Easter was on April 6 and the bunny delivered my sister.

  19. Happy Birthday sweet lady!!!! You are gorgeous and every womans dream of being content!!! I love it and you! Jennifer

  20. Happy Birthday Victoria!
    Grazia :)

  21. Have a wonderful day and a restful and fun vacation! The photograph of you is really beautiful.

    Our daughter, Elizabeth, was born on Easter, also! The best Easter present ever!

  22. Happy birthday to you! What a great post! Being 40 feels great, so I hope you think so too. Enjoy your week!

  23. Happy Birthday, V~ I love your story! Have a great B day~

  24. Happy Birthday a very cute story and an even cuter smile

  25. Happy Birthday. My husband's birthday is the 30th but he will be about 25 years older than you are. I love getting older. I am so much freer to do what I want, think the way I want, live the way I want.

  26. Happy Birthday! You must have a special spot in your heart for the Easter bunny! When I was younger I thought things would settle down as I got older but I've got to say the decade between 40 and 50 has been a wild ride! Enjoy yours!

  27. Happy Birthday Victoria!!

    You do look very happy :) I always wondered what I would be like when I was old (40) lol. I'm actually happy with who I am too. I am surprised at how different I am from when I was 30 (I'm 41). I love looking back and seeing how much I have grown as a mother, wife, and person. I am proud that I haven't compromised my values as I've grown.

  28. Happy 40th bday! I'm wondering what the 60s will be like!

  29. Happy birthday! 40 looks great on you!

  30. 40 has been great for me, V! You look good and isn't it great to be in such a good place...

  31. HAPPY 4oth FRIEND! You will look fabulous no matter what the age. I am glad you are in my life :) And its so refreshing to know people that are just where they need to be, doing what they love and inspiring others along the way. We love you........

  32. Happy Happy Happy Birthday -- have a wonderful Birthday week -- you look great at 40! You'll look great at 50!

  33. Happy Birthday V - you look wonderful and you have much to be thankful for. May every day be better than today - enjoy your special day and your week away. Have fun.

  34. Happy Birthday V! You look pretty darn FABULOUS for forty! Have a wonderful time on vacation and don't forget to RELAX!

  35. Herzlichen Glueckwunsch zum Geburtstag - or rather happy b'day and many more years to come! In some sports I believe you would now be considered in the "masters" age group. Yep, you have mastered a ton of things - be proud of yourself and celebrate! Best wishes!

  36. You are a wonderful GIRL and (that is more important) you are a wonderful person...happy birthday!
    P.S. What a nice hands you have!

  37. Forty and fabulous! I turned 40 in Sept and I just feel tired all the time. My father said I'm on a slippery slope rapidly decending! yikes! And I went to Vegas for one last splash of youth and came home to 500 forks in the grass and a sign saying "welcome home old man!"
    but I hope you have a wonderful day! Happy Birthday from the heartland! M

  38. Happy birthday to you, Happy 40 to you, Happy life and CELEBRATIONS TO YOU, Happy birthday to you! Make a wish....and yes, it just keeps getting better with age doesn't it!? Love, Em

  39. Have a fantastic 40th birthday!!!!

  40. happy birthday to a beautiful quilter! The 40's are the BEST!
    enjoy them!

  41. Happy 40th Birthday! I wish I would have looked that good on my 40th! I'd say you have a lot to be thankful for. You seem to be very blessed!

  42. Happy Happy Birthday, V! 40 isn't so bad... after the initial shock. I arrived there in January, kicking and screaming, but I think I'm settled in now. You look wonderful!

  43. Happy Birthday Victoria! I hope you had a dream day. I also hope that my bubba is an (slightly early) Easter present! xxx

  44. A Very Happy Birthday to you V!!
    And I'm wishing you a Blessed Year.
    You look fabulous! and I love the hair.


  45. You Rock 40 Victoria!!

    Happy Belated Birthday :o)

  46. Happy Birthday, yesterday! My birthday is March 29 also but I turned 15 on that Easter Sunday in1970! Enjoy your 40's!

  47. Happy 40th! I felt the same way reaching my 40s as I did reaching my 30s - ready to leave that old decade behind and embark on a new one.

    I hope my hair looks as gorgeous as yours when my grey finally starts filling out a bit.

  48. Happy 40th Birthday!
    You look great Victoria...
    have a great decade
    ... and 50's MUCH better than 40!
    xo xo Ann

  49. I missed your birthday! Happy, happy birthday! I hope that your day was wonderful. I'm sure that you will be just as beautiful at 50 as you are at 40!

  50. Darling! My apologies for being late..but happy birthday! (You normally remind me when your birthday is Best wishes! You look ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I hope you are enjoying your vacation..much love, light and peace


  51. Happy 40th Birthday V, I love your 'things you know now' list, fabulous. I hope you had a wondeful day. I love the 40's too, awesome time of life! xo


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