Thursday, March 11, 2010



Thank you Carol and Barbara!! how cute are these houses?
I rcvd a whole bunch of fabric and bindings and squares from these ladies also...
Also from Nellie and Gael! THANK YOU THANK YOU!
thank you so much! I can now see, a lot of quilts are in my future for BASICS...

EVERYONE who sent me house blocks, and or anything to help with the quilts,
squares, binding, backing, batting

your name will be entered in for a raffle drawing...

All blocks are to be rcvd by
APRIL 30th.

I only need House blocks at this time

thank you to everyone who sent me or is in the process of sending...

the prize??

How about some Amy butler Fabulous-ness!!!

They sent me a big box of scrap fabric to help with this project
and what a Good way to help
by sharing with all of you who have helped me!

All you have to do is send me a house block and your entered...

I am collecting the house blocks until April 30th
so you still have time to enter!
Winner will be selected May 1st. so get them in early!

pattern is here

Have fun!

email me for address to send to:
bumblebeansinc at gmail dot com


  1. I've been thinking about doing this anyway (or donating some backing fabric for the cause) but now that there's a chance to win some fabric.... (lol)

    Okay, I'm in. Expect an email from me shortly. ;)

  2. Oh my, now there's a sight! Amy Butler could well be my favourite designer, oh OK she is. This is one very nice prize, thankyou. I'm wishing my parcel a speedy safe journey to you.

  3. Fun! I'll get my houses in the mail ASAP- might have to wait until next week as we have guests this weekend (in my sewing room- yikes!)

  4. well i guess everyone beat me to the punch with bindings and backings. I'm still collecting blocks here and will send them soon. I will also send everyones email and name. Cheers, Marcus

  5. More fun houses! It must be fun to open the envelopes when the arrive :)

  6. Pretty cool prize! AND I love those candles!!!

  7. How sweet of YOU and how fun for US? It's also fun to see all the house blocks as they come in!

  8. I'll be sending you a couple house blocks. I don't have a blog, but I'll send yours around to a few of my friends.

  9. My name will be listed soon. :o)
    I know you said you only need house blocks but I sent you a box of goodies before reading so be expecting a few extras.

  10. Only yesterday I sent you two house blocks and now I realize I even can win something! :)) How great is that???

  11. So sweet of you to share some of the yummy fabric with those that helped out! I can't wait to see how they turn out, and how many you are able to get done!

  12. I think it's awesome "they" sent you scrap fabric!!! I just love the generosity in this fabulous quilting world. I've made one block so far but hoping to make a few more before I send them off! :)

    Yeah for Amy Butler...she's one of my favorites!

  13. I'm in! I find house blocks totally intimidating, but I had a look at your instructions and I think I can do it! Making it for charity is a motivating factor, for sure.

    I live in the UK, so wish me luck in getting it out to you on time!


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