Thursday, March 11, 2010

Candles, Houses and Crayons, oh my!

day of play...
I had all these cute little tiny triangles laying here from the Paula Prass blocks,

and also this great polka dot in a funny yellow color that I just love from Bari J...

Since I've been thinking about the BIG 4 0 coming up... I had candles on my brain..
so I made 40 of them.. except they don't look like candles...
Houses, yes, crayons, yes, Picket fence to my daughter, yes, and candles... ;-)
Oh well, I like it just the same...
But I thought that would be a good name for it...

Candles, Houses and Crayons

It was mostly a reason to play with some machine quilting... keep practicing,
it's the only way you get better...
so I did a bunch of things I hadn't tried before...

Just a little treat for me...

Stay tuned... there may be a another post later today


  1. its differend and so very cute. You are doing great on the machine quilting

  2. Can you believe how far your machine quilting has come in such a short time? I love when you mix it with some hand quilting--I'm gonna try that! Your house blocks will be on their way shortly--just have a couple more to put together!

  3. only 40? no wonder you get so much done! I like the candles - very happy and fun.

  4. adorable!
    oh I hope you have a great birthday!
    ahh to be 40 again...

  5. Your machine quilting looks fabulous! And of course your candles look exactly like candles, once you told me they were candles. Happy Birthday to you, from you! Looks great! Happy sewing!

  6. I'm thinking this is looking like a birthday quilt so I will wish you a Happy Birthday! 40s are great! I'm going to enjoy my last couple of days in them!

    Love the polka dot backing and your machine quilting looks so good!

  7. What a cute quilt! Great idea for a birthday celebration. I agree with Anne - 40s are great!

  8. Victoria, i LOVE these!!! I just bought the funky bird turd yellowish green dot yesterday and love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to you....early...Happy Birthday to you....Hope you made a wish! Em

  9. cute! and the quilting looks fabulous. congrats!

  10. Do I see "40 and Fabulous" quilted in there? Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen...she's become a quilting queen! Love it!


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