Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Blues

Winter can be a drag, but sometimes it's inspiring!

I made a few more scrappy blocks out of my blue bins
and took a bunch of my blocks cut with my Accuquilt cutter
to make a load of stars a while back...
Well as the snow flies once again,
I thought the name Winter Blues fit well with this project
so I had to play, just a little!

Big lovely snowflakes floating between the buildings...

We're not expected to get very much, thank goodness...
but either way... I am indeed ready for winter to be over with....

A couple weeks ago I ordered this book,
thinking it would have some cute little things in it.
I did not read it very carefully, because I found, besides a thin book,
it has gift wrap of quilts inside...

How cute is that? It was cheap... and a wonderful surprise,
now I can send off a few goodies, wrapped in lovely quilt paper!

Have a lovely snow free day!
ha! What a joke right?

Happy House block making!
email me when your ready to send and I will give you the address..
some of you have asked,
but I can't contact you because you are a no reply and have no blog profile...

bumblebeansinc at gmail dot com


  1. ha ha...I have that 'book' too! but when the time comes, I never want to part with any of the gift wrap!!

  2. hi V, your blue reminds me Picasso's blue period~ i am very in love with your prints here...

  3. Ah ha - you need some Amish liberated colour back in your life!

    We've finally got above freezing!

  4. love those blues! Too warm here for snow, much the pity for the Olympics, although Vancouver under clear blue skies is breathtaking!

  5. I like the blues!! Can you believe there were over 9in of snow in Texas?! Everyone here is ready for summer needless to say :)


  6. Ooooooo V, I sure do like this blue stuff! And we are ready for winter to be over here too! Today the sun is out, however. Yipee! Gotta go cut more strips. Happy sewing, my friend!

  7. Love your Winter Blues.

    The center star is gorgeous. It fits the lay-out very well, even though it’s more traditional than the rest of the blocks.

  8. I am ready for a break from the snow here in Michigan too! This is the time of year to do some serious quilting. I love your quilts and your choice of colors.

    I would like to send you some house blocks but your email address doesn't come up in your "complete view" how do we contact you? Maybe you could comment about that and tell us what we need to do. This is a wonderful project your are doing. Something tells me you are going to be a VERY BUSY girl this summer.

  9. I really love those blues you are working with. I made two house blocks and hope to make a few more. I also mentioned it on my blog. Hope you get enough houses for 700 quilts!!! How cool would that be!

  10. Your blue scraps looks so beautiful. I love them!

  11. I'll be digging out of the snow this morning, but this afternoon, I plan to finish the house block I started yesterday. This is block #2 for me, and I'm continuing with the cat theme...hee hee. Will post a picture on my blog when I finish it.

  12. I love the blue. I really like how you just build off a center block. Nice and free form plus it actually works.

  13. love the Winter Blues!
    Great scrap quilt.
    The snow is beautiful here, but I'm bushed from shoveling - had to shovel the back yard to make a place for the pup to run -

  14. Love the winter blues quilt and the title is a hoot!!!! Great wonky shapes!


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