Wednesday, February 17, 2010

slow down

Sewing and picking....

I am trying to get two quilts done by March 1st, and find my self rushing a bit...
Not good! Now I sit picking out stuff... patience my dear!
slow down!

I'm adding some slow stitch on the waverunner to finish it up. I'm nearly done... my fingers are pretty sore but it's been worth it!

The last couple months,
I've been dealing with issues with anemia, and Dr. apts that take 2 hours at a time twice a week... We took a month break on treatments, to see how I reacted, well, I've been sleeping A lot... so between Dr apts,, and napping constantly, not to mention my hair and eyelashes falling out, I start back next week with those 2 hour treatments... which means 5 hours less of sewing time... Weekends are pretty much busy, so that's out. I'm running out of time...
Not to mention other life stuff that always seems to be happening anyway...

So I sit here PICKING. Good lesson for slowing down...

And far as how fast time goes, I have 40 days left of being in my thirties!

Let the countdown begin...

slow down enjoy the ride...

Life is only getting better anyway!

I cleaned off my cutting table and have all these fabulous scraps for the next tile quilt project...
yummy morsels of scraps...

I'll save those for when I don't have 6 projects going at once...

I rcvd the first two blocks for the BASICS House block gather!
How cute are these?
Hello Sock monkey!
Thanks Michele!

I look forward to putting these quilts together over the summer...


  1. love the monkey in the window - great touch.
    I'm hoping to make mine this weekend.s

  2. hey v, hope the anemia issues get straightened out. is there some hand sewing you can take to the appointments?
    your first two house blocks look fun! Michele is on the ball!! hope its the start of LOTS of blocks for you.

  3. Love the blocks! Sorry to hear the doc is cutting into your sewing time but TAKE IT EASY!!! Our HEALTH is always the most important thing in our lives. Big hugs coming 'atcha!

  4. Health issues are icky. Sorry. I think you just have to reward yourself by doing what you love and perhaps buying more fabric! That's my answer and I'm stickin' to it. A birthday girl soon--my philosphy on age--it's only a number and not a state of mind.

  5. You do push yourself pretty hard. Take care to slow down. I understand the drive to create. I have my house (do you want more?) ready to send. How can I help.

  6. I'm sorry you're going through health issues. It would be a big plus for this bit of negativeness if handwork could be done during your doctor appointments.

    I, too, am picking out a bunch of machine quilting that was done too fast. I'm old enough to know that "hurry ups waste time". Aargh!

  7. Hate to hear about you having anemia problems. It is amazing how much you get done given how fatiguing anemia can be. I hope your MDs have some solutions for you.

  8. Must be a global reverse stitching day! Been at it too! The feathers look fab! LOVE the waverunner. And the houses are just gorgous, love the monkey. Take care, rest up and slow down, just a bit :) Hugs

  9. Love the slow stitching on your waverunner! You're giving me ideas...and the kick in the tush I need to get those waverunner blocks assembled. Hope the anemia goes away with your treatments.

  10. It's not surprising really as you never stop! The things you get done while the rest of us are sitting down with a cuppa. Please look after yourself and slow down for a little while.

    But having said that your waverunner is looking quite fabulous. Love the slow stitches very much. They really look good. How on earth you got your quilting so jolly even and rounded is a mystery to me. You are amazing!

  11. Hey V, When do you NOT have 6 projects going at once? Your machine quilting is coming along very nicely. Enjoy your evening, I will be talking to you. Happy sewing!

  12. The sock monkey will brighten some bodies day.
    I can totally relate to slowing down a bit and just enjoying the moment. Remember we are like wine, we get better with age. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  13. Time to pause V.
    The blocks look great, how ironic I have afew blocks with sock monkeys in the window too. Ahh great minds!

    Take care,

  14. V, you must slow down. I have also battled with anemia all my life. Many different things were tried and now things seem to be good. You seem to have it quite bad. Please take care of yourself!! The quilting and the sewing will always be there.

  15. Those two house blocks are so adorable. Glad to see you are starting to receive them. Your quilting looks the addition of the slow stitching in your wave runner. I'm amazed at all you do...even when you aren't feeling well. Not to sound like a mother hen, but you do need to slow down and take care of yourself. Happy Birthday 40 days are still a baby.

  16. Cute idea to fussy cut a window.
    Trying to catch up on other things, so I can sit down and make some.


  17. I love reading your blog, so take care of yourself!!

    ttfn :) Yuki

  18. Take care V! Slowing down is usually a good lesson for all of us... and your slow stitches are gorgeous! Hope you feel better soon!

  19. The need to quilt...
    Sorry to hear your quilting time is being cut into, I really hope you get your health situation resolved and better! Make sure the doc has checked your Vitamin D levels! Must have you well and quilting to your hearts desire!
    : ) Cat

  20. I hope your health issues get straightened out soon. Being exhausted stinks!
    That sock monkey is too cute!


  21. Sending you good health vibes. Working on some house to send your way soon!

  22. Hope you will soon be on the mend! After I fell in love with your Kitchen sink quilt, I went to the scrappy quilt class and had a wonderful time. Guess what I have been addicted to making ever since! I put a link on my Blog post to your kitchen sink quilt, so my friends could admire it too.

  23. Gosh! I hope you feel better soon! I know what it's like to be sick. I've been sick so much in the past 6 months that SO said the other day "are you ever well?"

    I wish! Thoughts with you!!

  24. Hope you get the anemia stuff straightened out. Like others have suggested, maybe you can take some handwork with you. Or else get a quilting book out of the library and study up on something new!

    Love the sock monkey! So cute! I finally finished my second house block for you today. The picture will be on my blog shortly. Now I need to get the address to send the blocks to!

  25. Sorry to hear about the anemia. Being tired and needing naps is rough. So is spending all that time at the doctor's. While you are there are you able to do a bit of hand sewing? I know for me that helps pass the time.

    You can only live one minute at a time. Tomorrow will come no matter what so it's best not to worry about it. Plus, if you worry about tomorrow, you will miss all that today has to offer :)


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