Saturday, February 20, 2010

saturday is alright

Here's a little giftie for Shelly... She has a special day coming up so I put this together for her...
She rcvd it yesterday so I can finally show it!
Red yellow and blue, right up her alley!
Playing more with my scraps, some itchy finger sewing and machine quilting...
I was fun to work on... And hard to let go of... it really looked so cute.

the rocking chair quilt: I've shooshed the dog off this quilt again, so I can get it finished!



I love some of the projects you all talked about in the comments yesterday about
Home Ec.
I had a few good chuckles...

Made me think about
mini pizzas on English muffins
and carrying a raw egg around for a week for family class....
How to care for you baby... You had to make sure you didn't break your egg
or you failed the class.
Did any of you have that too?

Perhaps it's a midwest thing...

How they stack up!

I rcvd Megan's,
Robin and
Anne's blocks yesterday!

the sock monkey has a friend in one of
Sara's blocks with a little girl peeking out!

Keep the blocks coming! They look fantastic!

BASICS home gather pattern click here

Happy Sewing!


  1. Wow, I haven't got to the post office yet and look how many you already have. This is a great project.
    I taught HEC for most of my teaching career (30 yrs) and I do think I was one of the best. My students (boys too) made duffle bags from pack cloth with zippers. When I visited the HS, I saw my former students carrying these around. We also made a charity quilt each of my last 3 years.

  2. the blocks that ar3e coming in are great. Try to get to mine this weekend

  3. I notice in your rocking chair quilt you've marked your design. Is that just a blue pen that washes out in water?

    In one of my high school classes we had to carry around dolls as our babies. Some people had flour sacks and I hear now they are actually interactive - cry at random times (even in the middle of the night!), need to eat, etc. And kids are docked points if the need is not met. Technology...

  4. The houses are looking great! I noticed right away the sock monkey and the girl...very cute :)

  5. Woo hoo, mailed two blocks to you today! The blocks are looking good. You've already got a bunch!

  6. wow, you have been so busy making these great projects. I just love how you use color so well. You definetly have an eye for it.

  7. 2 attempts at home ec and I never learned to sew. Love the quilt.

  8. I love the quilt you made for Shelly. Really pretty. You're getting quite a few house blocks. I like the way they all look together on your design wall. Gotta get back to making more. The Home Ec/travel down memory lane was fun. At my kids' school they now carry around dolls for a week (rather than eggs or flour sacks), have to do a scrapbook of their week together and then the dolls get donated to charity which is nice.

  9. Lots to love about Shelly's quilt, but I think the wonky HST border has won my heart.

  10. Somehow your email link didn't work - this may be due to operator error and new computer on my end.... Anyways: 16 orphaned house blocks waiting impatiently for new temporary home to participate in final 'street' construction phase. Could you please email your address or PO box to schiba99 at
    Thanks again for organizing BASICS home gather!
    Barb in MI

  11. Last week got away from me...blocks go in the mail in the morning!

  12. What a lucky friend!
    I love your little quilt!
    funny about home ec - did the cooking, but not the egg.
    I need to get upstairs to work on my house for you!

  13. This is show my age but here goes. We first had to make an apron--the classic--fabric gathered onto a band with long sashes. Had to learn hand sewing skills too and even darning with an darning egg. She suggested using an old light bulb as darning eggs were not easily available. The second year we were supposed to make a skirt. Her comment to me and a few other girls in the class that she didn't know what to do with us "hippy" girls (those of us starting to look like women) Silly me I tried to make a skirt with sewn down pleats, but somehow they were also overlapping at the waist
    and it was just too difficult for a beginner. Reverted to a gathered skirt and passed the class. Only girls took Home Ec and only boys took Shop. What a stitch!!! BonnieB

  14. Hey V, I luv my quilt! Thank you so much. I really you appreciate so much! And you surprised me with it! Thanks again, you rock my friend! Happy sewing and I will be talking to you this week!

    p.s. The house blocks look GREAT!


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