Friday, February 19, 2010

home EC

I really enjoyed reading the comments from yesterday about passions...
or Obsessions as Shelly put it...
I'm not all quilts all the time, I do have my other passions...

Winter just puts the kabosh on most of them!

Some good memories came up from the comments,
thinking back to HOME ECONOMICS classes in school.
Do they still teach home Ec in school?

Any memorable home ec projects you can recall?

I think my first was a stuffed DOG, then a patchwork pillow,
in Jr. high school.

Then in Sr. High I made a Wool long PINK lined winter dress coat...
(everyone else was making pot holders...)
and yes, I said, PINK... it matched my pink hair at the time....

and also a very memorable MAUVE jumpsuit...
anyone want to dare venture into what years those were??


Can't wait to hear what you all made!

MEGO< please leave me and email address I can never reply to your comments!

My fingers are a bit sore form all the hand sewing I've done this week. So I thought I would play around with these other projects that are patiently waiting for me...

March is my month for the Quilt bee One block over, so I am excited to work
on a few more of my sunset blocks for that project...
I can't wait to have a whole wall of them and figure out how I want them to all live together...
I dug out the box of crosses I have cut for the green and red project... I like to whip out a few of those every once in awhile... they go very quick....

Seems I'm not getting much quilting done on this one today...
umm, Excuse me???
get off my quilt...

Lynn sent in the two in the left row. Thanks LYNN!
The sock monkey now feels part of a village...
I see some cats are coming my way too! yippee! thanks guys!

I will be meeting with the org on Monday, to show them how things are taking shape.
Keep em, coming!

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  1. They still had Home Ec when I graduated high school ten years ago. ::shudder:: Everyone had to take it in 8th grade as part of a rotating cycle. I loved it! Our first project was a patchwork pillow. I was in advanced classes so Home Ec never fit in my schedule but I took an independent study. I remember making a pair of dress pants and a doll that I loved and gave to my mom. The teacher was surprised that I chose such difficult patterns (Vogue) especially for the doll.

    My cousins ages 10 and 18 like sewing too, but haven't taken any classes in it. That's where I come in!

  2. They don't teach it at my daughters school anymore... space may have something to do with that.
    I know they do teach something similar in MN at my old school, they call it something else though, Domestic studies, or something silly like that!

  3. oh no, it's even better than that... I had to call and ask..
    FACS = Family and Consumer Science


  4. Home EC??? You make me laugh! I am MUCH older than you and it was REQUIRED when I was in school. My first project was an apron! And then I made a suit...never again. My kids don't even know what home ec is! We got a bunch of mothers together and we all took our machines to school to make a quilt for an auction. The kids cut and sewed and ironed and were completely enthralled. Most of them had never even SEEN a sewing machine. I asked the school about them and they said they took up too much space and had to be repaired...Tongue in cheek I asked ' COMPUTERS???'

  5. When I started high school in 1966? I think, all GIRLS were required to take home ec. I had the most amazing home ec. teacher ever. I recently wrote to her to tell her thanks!!! My senior year we had to make something tailored. I made a dress length wool coat. I made a dress to match from red wool. Let me tell you, I was styln' in that outfit. It really was pretty. I also made a cape that had some tailoring techniques. It was made from green, red, yellow, and black plaid wool. It was a BIG plaid. I made a MINI skirt to match. Now, talk about one really great outfit!!! That was it. I can think of lots more, but I won't bore you with them all. I recently posted about the cape and a few other things that I made way back when. I even posted a picture of the cape. Lovely!

  6. MEGO< please leave me and email address I can never reply to your comments!

  7. Sorry...I'll check the box. I've been LOVING this post...I can just SEE Julia in her cape and mini skirt...

  8. V, Did I say that? I don't remember saying that, but it sounds like something I'd say.
    I didn't take home ec (I don't think they even offered it) but I do come from a line of women who sew. And while I have never made garments, my mother and I have always made "stuff".
    It is going to be really hard to get that quilt quilted with the dog napping on it. The house blocks look great! I'll do mine next week. Have a fabulous weekend and happy sewing, my friend!

  9. Hope the meeting on Monday goes well. I still only have the two blocks made but count me in for a few more. I took Home Ec in high school. I don't think it is offered least not where my kids go to school...kind of sad really. Anyway, our first sewing project was an apron. Then we sewed an outfit of our choice, I guess, because I remember having to wear it in a fashion show. Mine was an eyelet shirt tied at the shoulders and a pair of white eyelet shorts...all lined of course. I wore it with red jelly shoes (I guess I'll be showing my age here) red bracelet and earrings. I don't know whether to thank you or not for taking me down that memory lane! I liked the cooking better than the sewing. I still don't like to sew clothes.

  10. It was the first year they gave girls a choice between Home Ec or Shop....naturally I took shop!

  11. Great idea to do the houses quilt! I'll send you a block or two -- with tracking on the mail to be sure they arrive. (arrrggghhhh)
    As for home ec, when I took it (required for girls) I made a dress. I got an A because I did each step exactly right, but somehow the dress looked awful ... I never wore it. There's a lesson in there somewhere.

  12. Yes, Home Ec. I sorta' taught the class while the teacher smoked in her restroom! I made a long sleeved navy with white polka dot dress, a long vest type over that in white with navy braid all around the edges. And I won the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow award for my school! I hope Betty doesn't come check for dust bunnies.
    Pink coat, pink hair, huh?

  13. Home economics! He! He! I remember we made macaroni and cheese that had mustard in it, which was really yummy. And we sewed some elasticized shorts, but mine were awful... I really wasn't in to sewing at all when I was a youngster. Funny, now I'm totally OBSESSED with it. :-)

  14. My daughter (18) had home ec back in middle school. In high school you have to choose to have home ec.

    When I was in middle school we rotated from home ec to art to wood shop throughout the year. I thought that was a good way to expose kids to all the different things.

    I remember making a laundry bag with a drawstring closure out of denim. That's were I learned to keep my fingers out of the way of the sewing machine. Yes, I sewed right through my finger ;)

  15. I didn't take it, I was too busy taking every Art class I could! But, yes we had it, it was called Home Ec (Family and Consumer Science at ISU), they did sew one thing, they did have to carry an egg around for a week and keep it from cracking as a "taking care of baby lesson". Eventually the eggs were replaced by those dolls with the computer chips in them that monitor if they are fed, left alone, etc. That was by the time my sister got to high school (a 1994 grad). I sewed all the time at home with Mom, and cooked for my family of seven including buying all of the groceries, etc., by the time I was 16 because of Mom's health issues. I lived Home Ec, I didn't need to take a class in it!!!! I love Mego's comments about the computers... I remmeber my Mom being blown away by the nice Bernina's the kids were sewing on in school when she couldn't afford more than a cheap "White" machine at home and sewed clothing for her whole family.

    Great post, I loved these comments!

  16. How did I miss this one? I LOVED Home Ec. In high school I dropped French and PhysEd so I could take it. I also took art instead of typing which as far as life skills go may not have been the best choice but one I don't regret. I made the usual stuff - shorts, pj's, dresses and stuff. Then I went and took Home Ec at university and then on to teach it at a high school for a few years. My favorite project to teach was fabric painting - the girls made some fantastic embellished cushions with the fabric they designed and painted. I sure hope they still have HomeEc in school.

  17. I took home ec 1954-57. That's where I learned to sew. I came from a non-sewing family. I was pretty peeved when I got a B on a corduroy skirt in second year. I asked her why and she said "your mother should have told you to hem the skirt with a single thread". What??? My mother didn't even sew.
    I went on to sew all of my own clothes plus a lot for others.


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