Saturday, February 6, 2010

random stuff...

It's an itchy finger sewing day...
I also have the binding on the tile quilt. I took some nicer photos but forgot to bring my camera cord to load them into my it's all iphone pics today...

hmmm, doesn't this skirt have fabulous possibilities?
We saw this at the American Natural History Museum the other day... I may need to play...

I got my couch back this week! I was so excited... our butter yellow, couch is now this!
Bummer thing, is it makes everything else look like it needs to be recovered too!
my darling B, can you tell she is not shy one bit?

It's a soup day, made with whatever is in the house... Everyone seems to be getting snow, and they said, eastern Long island would not get any snow,
but here we are, cold, gray blowy, and now snow!

My geraniums seem to be looking out the window... perhaps in awe? or sticking out their leafy tongue at it... while they blossom in my warm yummy smelling kitchen...

and what's that? I hear a nap calling me...
it's one of thsoe days.

How are you filling you saturday?


  1. Wouldn't that skirt make a fabulous row quilt? As well as pick up a few techniques? LOVE the couch! Today I am sorting fabrics, catching up on BOMs and maybe working in the yard. We are at 50 degrees here in Seattle...watching D.C. get pummeled on CNN. My oh my...have a great weekend.

  2. Wow! Fabulous imagery...geraniums looking out the window in awe. I love that and plan to share it and the picture with my girls in writing class!

  3. I absolutely love the skirt. I love it as a skirt. :)
    I am sewing my spring quilt while the super strong winds are trying to take the house away. Plans for later? bake bread, read some articles and wine tasting at night.

  4. That couch is fabulous and your B-girl is so adorable. Great photos (iPhone or not).

    I'm spending Saturday at my sewing machine... finally! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend too.

  5. Great photos! What a nice home you have

  6. I am at 26 inches of snow in Maryland and counting.....I'm making chili, choc chip cookies, and then doing some sewing before heading out into the storm to walk to a friend's house.

  7. I'm sewing rows together for a springy pink baby quilt. It's mild and sunny in Seattle, and my kids are running around in the yard while I am sneezing my head off- ahhh, February when my allergies arrive! Looking forward to dinner & live music tonight, hopefully I will find my allergy meds by then!

  8. Is that skirt Seminole Patchwork? I love it and can see why you had to have a picture. Miss B has definite Femme Fatale tendencies doesn't she? No shrinking violet there. I saw online that whole east coast is in the midst of a "snowmageddon" and instantly thought of you. Keep warm!

  9. Fantastic the shape and the very deep cushions. Perfect for napping or posing.

  10. Oh, painting all day! Trying to get the kitchen refurb finished, so the furniture can be moved back in. Then I can get into my workshop again!
    I am wondering what is that in your saucepan? Is it pasta?
    I find other peoples domestic trivia quite fascinating, I wonder why these little details interest us so much? Little glimpses into our sisters lives are somehow comforting and bonding.

  11. i wish i were spending it napping..

    but actually it has been a good day-- just a dusting of snow, time alone to sew the final border onto my winter weekend quilt, and then we spent the last hour ripping off the paper foundation from the underside. i'll post a video to my blog later..

  12. Your daughter makes a good sofa model. LOL We got a ton of snow. I am having a major quiltathon at my house.

    ttfn :) Yuki in Snowpacalypse, in Silver Spring, Maryland

  13. Your couch looks great and I love the rug it is sitting on. I've been a bit like your geraniums today...just staring out the window at lots and lots of snow.

  14. Had a lazy day! Lay in to catch up on some much needed rest, bacon and egg sarnies, and a quilting afternoon and evening! Grey and dull here in my part of the UK, another good reason not to go out! Great pics today V! My, B is growing up fast!

  15. I like the thought of the geraniums sticking their tongues out at the weather outside! I had a nap yesterday, too, and there may be one in my future today... Nothing like lots of snow outside the window to make my blood slow and my energy ooze away.

  16. oh they're cute :) I loooove geraniums. always make me think of paris :)


    (for the visionaries)



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