Sunday, February 7, 2010


I sure have learned a lot in making this quilt....
One, that I love to applique and just use up my bits,
two, I learned to have slightly more patience with machine quilting...
Boy does it pay off!
and three, The more scrappy the quilt, the more I love it...

I am now starting to do some hand quilting over some of the larger shapes...
Yes, I bound it, and washed it, as I wanted to see just how much some
of the shapes would puff up...
probably the wrong way to do it, but, like I said,
there was a lot of learning going on with this quilt...
I quilted the dog out of it... and I wasn't sure how much more
quilting I would want on it...

I drew out my pattern and feathers in the corners, and really took my time, then I scalloped all around the design...
I love the texture it gave! (completely by luck...) and it made the design stand out so nice...
I used matching threads one everything except the red...
I used red on top and on the back. that would be my big mistake...
(You can really see the errors that way!)
But, Live and learn...
Next time I will use a blending thread on the back...
And thank you Susan for sending me that fabulous piece of green and gold fabric!
It looks so nice on the back of this quilt!

Between this and that Kitchen sink quilt, I can't say which I love more...
The size of this is 61" X 62"

OK, I hope to show you something else this week...
perhaps I'll quilt another of those tops laying around here...
(lord knows I have enough other projects I am working on)
I think I've posted enough about this quilt...
I'm rather pleased with it, can you tell? And anyway, I so often post the process
and never show the final product... so there you have it.
(well, it's nearly done, once I finish a bit of that hand quilting....)


I'm racking my brain also for the next donation quilt project...

I've been asked to donate a quilt to a Fabulous local organization for their benefit in Sept.
Which is also stirring ideas in my head for something bigger of ways to help...
click click click, my wheels are spinning.
Perhaps this week I'll give you more info on that...
stay tuned!


  1. you did an AMAZING job quilting this beauty! It looks fabulous.

  2. Each time I visit, you thrill me with your talent. Honestly, it is an inspiration, even though you make it sound so simple.
    I may try to do some applique work, as you make it look like so much fun.

  3. Oh wow - this is just so beautiful. I can't believe the work you did quilting it. Amazing! You make me want to work a bit harder on my quilting designs and not fall back on stippling so much. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  4. Holy cow chica, look at you go! Wahoo to your patience! Can't wait to come check it out up close and personal...those corners look amazing!

  5. I just love that quilt, love the colors and the applique and the quilting really makes it all stand out so beautifully.


  6. This quilt is amazing!!! and the quilting? wow...
    I just love it and once again,color scheme that I would not even imagine but so beautiful and gentle...
    How long did it take to appliqué those pieces? Looks like a lots of work..

  7. question ~ what style applique do you do? Needleturn, or pre-turned pieces using freezerpaper or glue or?
    I have done little applique and only know how to do the freezerpaper technique.
    I love that backing's perfect for your top, and yes, you quilted the dog outta it, but the quilting is stunning.
    Good job, girlie!

  8. Another stunner! What can I say, the quilting is amaiszing! Great job V! LOVE the backing, so right, so you!

  9. great quilt, quilting is awesome

  10. You never cease to amaze me. This is just gorgeous. How big are the blocks?

    Really must turn my hand (LOL) to appliqué.

  11. Virginia you did an amazing job on that quilt. It looks fabulous.Did you just make up the shapes as you went along or were the shapes in your scrap bin?

  12. Fantastic look! Amazing. You´ve learned and taught. Quite an accomplishment and I thank you for it! I can´t wait ´till I get one of these started.

  13. What a wonderful finish! I love how you quilted it. I could stare at your quilt for days! And I'm getting less scared to try needle turn applique.

  14. Wowzer on the quilting. It's fantastic. I saw Pixie Dust sold on etsy. Congratulations.

  15. The quilting you did on this quilt is just gorgeous. Congratulations on a amazing finish!

  16. My favorite part of this quilt is the quilting! It is really impressive and inspiring. I am curious though what you mean by choosing a blending thread instead of red for the top and bottom? Does that mean you would choose red for the top and green/blue for the back?

    It really is a beautiful piece of art.

  17. V, It looks FABULOUS! Well done! You rock!

  18. Wow, V, this turned out incredibly!!!!! I have enjoyed seeing the process with this quilt, and now, of course, the finished project. Your needle turn applique looks perfect, and you make it sound so easy. Your quilting is amazing!!!! How do you do that? Looking forward to hearing what you come up with on your charity project.

  19. V - love how this quilt came out! The "tile" pieces really pop after all that quilting...pat yourself on the back!

  20. You should be proud--the quilt is just great! And the quilting...divine. Congratulations!

  21. It looks great. Love the quilting.

  22. Gorgeous! I really like the applique.

  23. It's fabulous V!! Art show and/or quilt show worthy! Wow, wow, wow! Did I get the message through that I really like this quilt?

  24. What a great way to use up scraps! Sooo cute!

  25. amazing. your hard work really shows and you've got an excellent piece to remember the time by. congratulations.

  26. Wow. this is beautiful!
    Bear regards,

    Beertje Zonn

  27. your quilting is just beautiful!

  28. the quilt is fantastic and you did an amazing job with the quilting. congrats!

  29. The red border around that wonderful whimsical quilt is just thing to make it over the top fabulous....the shapes, the color and the quilting all just too too great!

  30. From a non quilter: this is gorgeous, love the design & colours.
    It has a great sense of fun!

  31. I absolutely love everything about this quilt! It is fabulous.
    wonderful - congratulations


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