Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I don't know if you can see anything in this pic, but HORRAY!
I got the tile quilt, quilting done today!
61" X 62"
I can't wait to get the binding on this baby,and throw it in the wash!

I think it will puff up real nice!

my back is killing me, I wonder why...


  1. I had no idea you were so close to finishing. congratulations, the red is absolutely perfect - great choice, I wonder what I would have picked, ha ha.
    I also strained something in my back this week while sewing - bummer and please pass the advil.

  2. It looks great! you really need a better chair. Have you checked out the Koala website? Their chairs are ergonometric and a really good price.

  3. That is a LOT of quilting and it looks beautiful. I like how you did the feathers in the corners. Now go and relax your back and neck!

  4. FABULOUS! You finished it and it looks GREAT! I can't wait to see it after it is bound and washed, the quilting will really pop! You Rock! Well done! Happy binding!

    p.s. Those two brown blocks look like eyeballs. You're fab!

  5. You did it! Now aren't you proud? It looks great too!

  6. wow...until I saw the photo of you quilting it I didn't realize how large this quilt is! love the quilting in the boarders!

  7. the quilting looks wonderful!~
    did you mark it at all?
    the quilt is much bigger than I thought.
    wow, too much for one day probably and maybe a better chair!
    hope your back is feeling better tomorrow
    if not you will have to snuggle under this quilt and rest!

  8. It feels good to finish it, doesn't it? And you did such a lovely job, too.

    I also have to make myself sit up straight while sewing. Don't know why we want to hunch over so bad, especially since it hurts later!

  9. Oh Golly Miss Molly! It's wonderful and will not ask the burning question (how long did the quilting take to do?) I am muddling along in a project that is taking way longer than I thought .... back is OK but I am getting cramps in my foot! Great job!

  10. Oh my goodness, that quilting looks gorgeous! I can't imagine all the back-breaking hours that took you. This is going to be one stunning quilt, more so that it was even before you quilted it. Good for you!

  11. Your quilting is wonderful, but I absolutely LOVE your tiles!!! Fantastic!

  12. It looks fantastic!! can't wait to see it when its out of the wash!

  13. Oh V, you've rocked out another beauty! How do you do it?


  14. I have my chair lower than the machine, so that helps.
    Could be why I can't see well when I sew, lol.


  15. Lovely. And I know what you mean about the back. Ouch. I'm thinking about investing in a frame. Have you ever thought of going this route?

  16. The end is near! I don't think there is any way to sit in a chair, stool, or work at a table that is comfy. It's usually my neck and shoulders.

  17. I do love your s-tile quilt ....and your quilting too, it's fantastic!!!
    Stretching could give a big hand...:)

  18. Well done! All you need now is a long hot bath and a massage from Mr NM.
    I am on my scrap quilt class on Tuesday. It is called
    what fun!!

  19. I out bed raisers under the legs of my table. It has helped me. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner. Love your quilts.

  20. This is one of yours that I would love to see in person!

  21. My back aches for you. I must have missed the start of this quilt while I was gone on vacation. I love the tile effect. How did you applique the shapes?


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