Tuesday, February 2, 2010

aha! moment

Another UFO dug out....
This is from last summer... I contemplated a bit to long on what I wanted for borders, then today as I was looking over my stash, the above border print , jumped right out, into my hands!!

Well, not really, but it was my light bulb moment... I pulled it out along with the UFO, and well, I like it!
Just gotta finish a few others rows of pink and brown... cut some borders, andskeedaddle that top right out of here....

Oh, right, I was supposed to be finishing my quilting on the tile quilt....
geez...(procrastinate, procrastinate)

I worked on a few of those Sunset blocks for my March quilt bee project.... I need 25 blocks, and will ask my bee helpers to make 11 of the blocks... I cut all the fabrics so it just needs to be pieced... (alright already about the pink) ;-)
I mean SALMON color.... ;-)

Each block will have big green squares and the inner around the 9 patch will be yellow and green or green and yellow...
then the 9 patch 5 will all be RED, with some other bright in the space...

I can't believe I am making this quilt... But I am quite happy with it so far...
Perhaps I am changing? Or perhaps I am getting more patience....
I vote for patience...

Fun to look at it like this.... I have no idea what to sash it with... But I am thinking something with STRIPES...
Like I did on this crazyBeanz patch one...

or even maybe no sashing?

But who knows, anytime I think I know ahead of time what I am doing, it never comes out as planned, so I rather fly by the seat of my pants....

That's way more fun!


  1. Yes, that's you my dear...riding the creative whim where it beautifully takes you. Keep it up!

    Look at those blocks! Beau-tees!

  2. oohhh, i love that block for your March bee. nice to have some help with those... love the pink and green...there, Im not afraid to say it...pink.

  3. I love your blocks. They are so colorful and I love your imagination. You are so talented and inspiring.

  4. I love aha moments! They are few and far between for me, but they are great when they happen. I love all the green in your squares.

  5. Love the border you found. It's perfect!

  6. Colorful with lots of green. :o) Stripes will be terrific or perhaps stripes just for the binding. Either way YES to stripes.

  7. No sashing looks so busy and wonderful. So much movement!!
    Love it!!

  8. You are so funny . . . I can so relate to that procrastination thing! I like the piece that jumped into your hand.

  9. I love that Amy Butler quilt. So cute! Are all those triangles pieced??? I thought that was a fabric. You are a bit insane dear. That looks like way too much work. lol

  10. Everything is coming along! Lots of sewing for sure--

  11. I love the sunset blocks without the sashing! Beautifully colorful!!!

  12. Totally awesome sunset blocks whatever way you decide to put them together!! Colors are fabulous.

  13. Hey V, You can call bullsh** manure all you want, It is still bullsh**. (You know I luv ya tons!) Luv that beige and yellow and brown quilt (with the little pink triangles.) You're making my skirt fly up today! Well done! Happy quilting!

    p.s. Where is your tile quilt?

  14. Ooooooh I vote NO sashing - look at all those secondary patterns that emerge when you push those blocks together. I would never get bored looking at that quilt - there is so much to see!!

  15. That will be a beautiful quilt! I think I like it with no sashing , but it;s your quilt! If you want it bigger or you find the perfect sashing!

    Happy sewing!

  16. Ohhhhh I love the no sashing!! Flying geese are a current passion for me.....and I love the way they seem to fly in a double row!

  17. I know actually thinking and planning is what guarantees that I would mess up the quilt;)


  18. I love your blocks!!!...I'll put something with stripes as sashing...:)

  19. I love your projects that you are working on. I have some UFO's that are begging for love also. RIght now i am not in to bindings but whatever you choose it will be wonderful. you are so talented!

  20. OMG, this post is loaded with eye candy! Love those blocks. If you're looking for suggestions, I think I'd audition very narrow sashing strips between. Just enough to visually separate the blocks. Your color choices are spectacular.

  21. These all look great! I love the color choices.

  22. wheee. love those sunset blocks - I can completely understand hanging in there and doing so many. love it without the sashing! that striped example is sooo cute, but no sashing still gets my vote.


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