Friday, January 22, 2010

Wrap up...and a winner!

I finally got my last three ON POINT blocks cut... Sheesh! I've been procrastinating... well, maybe I still am, I need to sew them together today... so I can Applique them...
Got get to it!
Time to Finish!!!

Got The New Year quilt Quilted yesterday.... My machine was fighting em the whole way...
4 broken needles, 100 time shredding thread.... tried every needle I had.... cleaned the machine... it was just not working with me....
But, I persevered and got the binding on, for me to do this weekend...

Then I got back to my Tile quilt, quilting.... I had ordered thread, which finally came... Now the machine seams to be working ok... go figure.... I think It just really hates red thread....

SO here are a few peaks inside the Liberated Quiltmaking II book!
I was flipping through, and was Happy to see one of Tonya's Quilts in the there!
Her great Alphabet quilt! Way to go Tonya!! I Can't wait for your book to come out!

I like how there are many quilts done by other people in this book.
Great to see other people's interpretation of Gwen's work too...
But Ultimately, Gwen's Quilts just knock your socks off. Gotta love those colors!
SO I guess you'd like to know who will be checking their mailbox for this book right,
Without further ado...

from Cloth Stitched WINS!
Congrats Char!
( Need your email! only have your website!

I hope you enjoy the book, and make at least one WONKY quilt!

With color on my brain, I've been spotting fabulous things in the city the past week....

(above) "The WALL" by Frosty Meyers has been restored to it's bright fab finish
on Houston and Broadway in Soho...
Check out his webpage... fun site

I see this truck constantly in my hood, and finally had a chance to snap a pic...
Love that Graphic color!

I had to drive around the block to grab this photo... once I realized what it was...
This is a Richard Serra Sculpture being dismantled on a flat bed truck outside the The General Theological Seminary in Chelsea...
It was quite a site and I love the rusty color against the seminary

And as I sat at my desk, facing these buildings a FLASH went off in this building... I look up and at the about the 25th Floor this guy is standing looking south(and taking a photo), towards downtown Manhattan....

Note to all, even at the 25th floor,we can see you when you have no clothes on.... The sun was pouring in...clear as day...
(But Don't you love that RED!!!)

Happy Friday!


  1. I see a red quilt with naked guy in the window and LOVE The Wall...blues/greens...another quilt? Congrats to the winner.

  2. Congrats to Char!! I am loving my book. Still haven't had a chance to really sit down and get into it like I'd like. Love all your projects and pictures.

  3. My first question was going to be "Is that guy nekkid?" Now I guess I know. (I don't know why I think it's funny, but I'm giggling like crazy.) Well done on your quilting finish! Especially since your thread kept breaking! Your On Point Flowers look fabulous! Happy quilting on that Tile quilt! I know it is going to be Fabulous!!!

  4. Funny, I must have known, as I just ordered my gwen book at amazon.
    thanks for the sneak peak.
    great city photos
    go jets!

  5. that red building would make a FABULOUS quilt. minus the naked man, of course!!! i love your colorful inspiration photos. :)

  6. living in MY all my life-absolutely nothing surprises me anymore. I guess considering all the crazies lately(& boy do we have some out here)he's just ridiculously silly.
    The color is fab. I just got my Liberated II book two days ago. Love it and can't wait for Tonya's book.

  7. That's NY-must proof before hitting publish...sigh

  8. Congratulations to Char, will have to see if our library gets that book. Lots of wonderful projects and photos of the city. Great inspiration for patterns.


  9. Thank you so much. I have the first book and was going to purchase this one also. Now I don't have to, Thanks again.

  10. just love that New Year quilt
    oh the colors in your photos are the truck! and the red building...
    amazing how much is around us that we can all be inspired by
    thanks as always for the pictures..

    congrats to char I am off to order my own copy :) as I have been a huge fan of Gwens for years...

  11. Your New Years Quilt is beautiful! :) I love red but have almost none of it in my stash, but I bought some bright red 2 days ago... can't wait to create something with it! :) Have a great weekend.

  12. You have really been busy. Love your quilts.
    Love all your photos!

  13. what a great bunch of photos!!! love all those colors (and hahaha for the naked guy!)

  14. I am ecstatic to have found your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your eye for color and pictures and your quilt posted most recently is beautiful and reminds me of Kaffe fabrics. I too absolutely love Gwen Marston and have made some quilts with her in mind. COme visit me some time and CELEBRATE! Em

  15. Im loving ON POINT V. looks so good...congrats to Char on winning the book! love the colors NY has to offer, thanks for the pictures

  16. Congrats to Char...since she is too far away to share I guess I need to get mine ordered...thanks for the sneek peek!!
    Your quilty projects are shaping up nicely....what solids do you use...??? The ones on your 'On Point' quilt are extremely nice looking....eek, I LIKE IT!!!
    My favorite from your around town 'color' is the Frosty Meyers!! I also tried to 'zoom-in' on your neighbor there....hhhmmm...couldn't tell if he was good or not....HA!

  17. Love that red building! You could do a quilt with your unclothed neighbor in it and call it "Nekkid Guy."

    Sewing machines will absolutely drive you nuts. It's amazing how ornery they can be. At least yours decided to start working again!

  18. Congratulations Char = that is one awesome book.

    Thanks for the great photos again V - I really need to visit NYC.

  19. you do have a wonderful eye for snapping great photos V...thanks for sharing...ordered my book yesterday

  20. Love that red! LOL

    ttfn :) Yuki

  21. You are such a gifted photographer! I LOVE the photos you take of your surroundings :-)

  22. I love the red in the building, but I love the overall geometry of the walls and divided windows even more! I've just been inspired for a new quilt!



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