Friday, January 1, 2010

Challenge!! Join the fun!

Liberated Quilt Challenge

The challenge begins today, New Years Day 2010 and is completely open to ANYONE who quilts!

Please go to the Liberated Quilter, web site Click here,
for more information on this challenge...

Please join in the fun!

I have already begun one of mine AAQI quilts for this year... Working the way I did on my
tile quilt(click here) process... As I am sewing machine free this week, I finished all my other projects and still had itchy fingers... ;-)
I just love how these collage together....
I think I may do a mini waverunner(click for links to old posts)also... just for fun...

I encourage all of you to at least come up with one 9" X 12" quilt.
Try something new! Try something old! try something out of the box!

Last year, Was the first time I did free pieced letters, under the direction of Tonya of lazy gal, when she offered up this challenge... it was a great way to start a process. A small, worthy project to try something new... Go check Tonya's site too for some other great ideas... her solids are fantastic. This little one of mine was in honor of my husband's Brother who had just past away... Robin's Hope to get an idea of how it gets set up.

So long 2009... You've been a good year for me. Creatively and in Pure Joy and Happiness.
Here's to 2010, Let's see what it will bring!


  1. This tile quilt idea looks very interesting.....
    is this your own invention or can I get a tutorial somewhere?

    Happy New Year and Happy sewing!

  2. Thanks for the links, V. I've had some fabulous connections response to get this challenge going! I think it's really going to fly;) I'm heading north to care for my mom with advanced Alzheimer's but Ami et al are keeping in touch and I'll be monitoring the blog and all comments and questions.

  3. This is wonderful; I joined!

    Do you know what they do with the donated quilts? Are they auctioned off or just displayed? Not that it matters... just curious.

    I need some 'liberation'. I need to learn to break the rules a bit and be more creative! It's a win-win.

  4. Okay... never mind the question. I just found the information. I'm totally IN!

  5. Hope the 2010 can bring you all the best! You are a special person!

  6. As always, there are good and sad moments of a year gone by. Some friends lost or gone on to another world and time, and other friends who are totally new to our experience. and then there are the children, especially the the babies born to us newly... and for them we are especially aware and grateful for their innocent lives will carry us forward. ~Kaarquilter

  7. Hi V,

    Thanks for the mention. The response has been amazing.

  8. I made one AAQI quilt a few years ago and it was so fun. Thanks for inspiring me to do it again. My quilting is so much better on that little size too. I love your tile quilt blocks. I have a big handwork project going right now but I'd like to try some tile blocks too. Love your blog!

  9. Great little is to a fun and creative 2010!

  10. What a great challenge! Your tile quilt is very intriguing. I haven't seen this technique before, and I'm really liking it!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!


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