Saturday, January 2, 2010

end of lazy

I am so hooked on these little appliques....
I finished this little one for the donation for AAQI (see last post)
I am definitely going to start another one of these... a big one... to work on the side...between the other 10 I have going... Sigh.

We drove up to Riverhead today to do some shopping, and we passed the BIG DUCK, an information stop/hut for long Island...
we liked how they dressed him up for the holidays and have his eyes light up red now!
hard to see from my position on the road...

And this quilt...

Every time I go into my quilt photo files I come across this quilt, and I say,

I really want one of these... perhaps in 2010 I will.

Many "quilt" wants...

Got any big projects your adding to your pile for 2010?

Happy Sewing!


  1. love the colors! great quilt is it a little quilt???

  2. Pretty quilt! You don't see too many yellow backgrounds anymore. Looks nice with the yellow :)

  3. right in the midst of drafting a new budget I found fabric I *had* to have for two (not one, but TWO ) new quilts - pretty out of character but now I've got projects on the horizon!

    I had lunch at Sarabeth's at the Whitney with my parents and my boys today and, of course, thought of you!

    Happy new year V. Here's to hanging out in 2010.


  4. The Duck is hysterical, never knew they had that in Long Island. I love those fan quilts too....if you go for it in 2010 I will join along as long as there is an extensive tutorial ;)

  5. I think Corn's comment of a quilt along fan's quilt is a great idea! Not that I need more projects to add to my already looooong list! LOL Big project? Quilt many, piece more, give loads :) I have a plan for the giving part and have bribed my quilt group with a little fabric to join in!

  6. Love the free style applique!

    You could do applique fan parts onto a base block!

    Have a Happy Quilting New Year!

  7. Great AAQI quilt. Just love it. I purchased several on their website in December and had already decided to get involved in donating to them this year. Thanks for the encouragement and link in your previous post. Happy New Year.

  8. I have way too many projects I want to make in 2010, after the baby quilt I'm on this moment, I want to make a spool quilt. It's a bit old fashioned but I love the look!

  9. great little quilt!
    Happy New Year - Just back and happy to be home.
    The duck hut is too funny!


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