Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Last night I took all the other stuff off my wall, and put back up my wonky log cabins...
I was ready to tackle them... Today, plans changed and I had all day to sew! Gotta love that!
So I've spent the day trying to get the top done... I got this far and have taken a break...

I still need to add the outer borders, and finish a few stars on the edges... I added a few subtle ones through out, and used up nearly all the extra little bits of fabric I have in these colors...
You can click the image to see it larger...

It's been fun to finally work this out...
(These were my blocks from the Bee Balm Quilting Bee...)(click here)
and HERE for old posts

Since it was B's idea for me to make a Valentine's Runner for our hallway, she has had full input on this process... She chose the red and purple background, she said it should be longer to go over the edge of the table (6' long), and when I shown it to her last night she said,
It needs hearts... just two.

So I appliqued two hearts in the middle, and this morning she said,
no, it needs more hearts...
So I have a little more applique to do on this before I bind it...

ha! She's become the quilt police on this project...

I'm still waiting for more thread to finish quilting my tile quilt... it sits and waits...
Tile quilt posts here

And I have stuff ready for my last three ON POINT blocks, but I still haven't gotten around to laying them out... perhaps tonight after I finish all those HEARTS!


Happy Sewing!


  1. I love the wonky log cabins -- especially your use of solids, the different block sizes, the addition of the stars -- so the whole thing, I guess :)


  2. Love the wonky logs, they look like a tower block, with the little logs being the smaller windows of the stairwell :) Those little stars are great in it too! Who'd have thought you'd have the quilt police in your home! LOL She has a point! Happy sewing, and what better than hearts just for B!

  3. I love your wonky logs! But those On Point blocks - have I told how much they speak to me (lol - I know I have - I think stealing might even have been mentioned in regards to them)? I think I'm going to have to try to do one. Or two.

  4. Those plain fabrics really look outstanding in your wonky logs quilt. I never even look at the plain fabrics when I'm shopping as the patterned ones usually catch my eye first.

    You must be gathering quite a supply of different runners now. We don't celebrate anywhere near as many occasions as you do. I think more hearts is definitely the way to go for a Valentines Day runner. It's looking fabulous B!! It's nice not to have to do the deciding all the time isn't it? I love my little helpers too.

  5. Oh, I can't wait to see where that one goes!

  6. I love the wonky log cabins. Using the solid colors makes the design so much more powerful. Keep up the good work, I love seeing what you are working on.

  7. That color green is exactly the color I think of when I think of you! Congrates on your day of sewing, I'm planning on having one tomorrow! You rock!

  8. I'm really loving solids right now. Love the wonkiness.

  9. an expected sew day? the best!
    love the wonky cabins, the solids really look great

  10. love what you are doing with the bee blocks....those extra stars are so great.

  11. I like the way you slipped those stars into the wonky log cabin. I almost didn't see them at first. Nice job!

  12. I love the way your wonky cabins are looking, awsome!

  13. I think the colors and design of the WoNkY quilt are just perfect = it's going to be wonderful!

  14. Wooooo! I love your wonky cabins! The subtle stars are great, love how you did that. Tell B she's a design queen!

  15. Another V special.

    It reminds me of the quilts in Ideas and Inspirations, which is presumably where you got the idea from in the first place :-)

  16. wow that wonky log cabin quilt is inspiring!

  17. I love that quilt, and I am SO wanting to sew, but I'm in the throes of January de-clutter and I can't slow down enough to get creative.

  18. Your wonky log cabin is awesome. I love it.

  19. I absolutely love your log cabin top. The solids look awesome and the colours are just wonderful. This will be fabulous by the time you're done. Maybe B could learn to sew, lol.

  20. hmmmmm may be a teachable moment......
    now I am going to show you how to applique hearts!!!

    Happy sewing

  21. Love the table runner. Red & purple...Yum!

    ttfn :) Yuki

  22. The wonky log cabin colors are perfect and this quilt has got to be one of my all time favorites. Reminds me of Gwen Marston style but yours of course! I want to make one right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOpe you drop by my blog sometime, I have such respect for your work and would love to hear from you on what I could to add to my learning curve.


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