Tuesday, December 1, 2009

two-s-day the 1st

Finally! I got a new computer, so I've been busy playing around with my new IMAC...
The screen is so big it's shocking! Well, the shocking thing was I couldn't READ the screen, but luckily they have this button that ENLARGES EVERYTHING... pheew. Didn't want to think I was getting old or anything... Doh!

I finished up little O's other shirt for his bday and xmas gift... Totally inspired by Miss Doris...(her shirts were way to cute!)
I free motioned the Star Wars logo and storm trooper... or whatever it is... Never was into the star wars thing.

I also dug out the xmas table runner buried under layers of other quilt tops... I think it may go back under that pile. bleeh. don't like it at all...

But I did pull out my last years Santa runner and lap quilt... After all, it is DECEMBER 1ST!!!!
How's that Christmas Shopping going?


  1. Love the t-shirts, I am going to do something similar for the boys, but with Transformers.....congrats on the new computer must be fun :)
    I love your Santa lap quilt really cute :)

  2. same thing happened with our screen. Now I have to wear the close-up glasses to see-even after enlarging...so sad...Mrs. Magoo
    It does make for nice big pics of quilts though. They look amazing on the big screen.
    It's too bad but I really hate the old Christmas quilty stuff I made a long time ago. It looks so dated and not in a good way.
    If I don't stop volunteering for stuff there won't be anything Christmasy around here at all. That last one is sweet.

  3. Yay for the computer, but I really love your seat cushion!

    No Christmas shopping yet here, if any. But I did just remember that it is my nephew's birthday TODAY. Bad auntie.

  4. I'm with Cheryl, great on the new computer but wow, love the seat cushion. That was the first thing I saw.

    I say keep the table runner you don't like out and use it. Put stuff on top of it and you may find it looks good.

  5. oh don't you love this computer
    have to ask where is that button!
    Ihave the same computer and didn't know about a button to enlarge everything!
    love the quilt cushion adorable!!!!!!
    cute shirt
    shopping is 95% done

  6. I love your little santa! I've just started the holiday shopping and all. I will say that my sewing machine is a great distraction...I keep wandering over and sewing something that DOESN'T need to be sewn! RIght now I want to go make a christmas table runner that I don't need. :)

  7. I'm in love with that runner you don't like! Really that much that I would pay $$$ for it!

  8. Love Santa's colors in the last photo. What's that you say? Shopping? Ugh!

  9. The shirts look fabulous! Should be a hit.

    Love that little Santa...

    And Christmas shopping, so far, I've only bought things for myself. *hangs head in shame...*

  10. Great computer!!!
    Love the shirts and Christmas quilts.

  11. My Christmas shopping is done...can you believe it! One more trip to the Post Office and then I can play with the "don't have to but..." list. much less stress!

  12. I was getting caught up on your blog and saw your Breast Cancer link. Thanks, my surgery was May 14 and I was 46 at the time, It was a self exam that saved me, but they even said to stop that! Crazy.
    Thanks for sharing the word and petition. Every bit helps.

  13. Cute shirts! That's Boba Fett, the bounty hunter. [Star Wars nerd right here.]

  14. I'm so jealous of the next computer! Enjoy it! ...and your cute Santa reminded me that I've got a lot of Christmas projects I should be working on...

  15. Nice work on the t-shirts. I have the same iMac! I simply love mine and can't think of my life before it.

    The shopping is done and the decorating too. So now it's just baking and enjoying the season.

  16. You will adore your iMac!! I love mine. When we got it, I signed up for the One to One classes. What a bargain and I am still doing them. I have learned so much. They are much more intuitive computers than a regular PC. I love your Santa from last year, really cute!! Happy December!

  17. A new iMac -- wow!! Gotta love those huge screens. And also gotta love that quilted seat, just so cute.

  18. Major computer screen...I so need one like that!
    Santa runner is adorable. And Christmas shopping - Not. I haven't been home in two weeks.
    And you?

  19. Wow...looks like Santa came early at your house...great IMAC!!
    And hey...your Mr. Santa looks all
    forlorne and cute...sniff sniff..
    he begs you not to stick him back
    on the bottom of the pile!!

    I'm plugging away on my Waverunner
    today...getting closer to a finish!

  20. WHAT Christmas shopping!?!?!
    Congratulations on the new Mac. Very good choice . . .

  21. your santa lap quilt is fun! LOVE the pink. :)

  22. congrats on the new computer. My kids love their apples.
    the pink santa is too cute!


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